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What is better for a model or actor? Los Angeles or New York?

At Latitude, we get to meet talent of all experience levels and looks. Many have the same question:

Should I move to Los Angeles or stay in New York to pursue my modeling or acting career?

That depends on many factors. For models, New York is more fashion focused and most of the top modeling agencies including Ford and DNA Models specialize in editorial, runway looks. For simplicity, an editorial look resembles more European Brands with a minimum height for Female Models being at 5'9. For male models, the minimum height requirement is 6'1 or taller.

The benefit of being in New York is that many shows are being casted here and going to auditions is much easier than in Los Angeles. While California focuses on commercial casting with opportunities available to talent of all shapes and sizes, New York has more available opportunities for new talent to pursue rather than California. If you are located in New York and are trying to pursue the industry, it is recommended that you put in 100% of effort and see where it goes. If you are unable to find success, Los Angeles may be the best second market for you. New York and Los Angeles are not the only markets. Boston, Chicago and Miami while smaller, do you have many local opportunities for entertainers to pursue.

The expense for getting started in Los Angeles can be higher as a car is almost always required to get around. While most castings are in the Los Angeles area, public transportation is not as easily accessible as it is in New York city. Many of the top Los Angeles agencies represent an all American look that is more commercial focused. Models and actors moving to New York to pursue the industry will find it easier to get around to auditions as many take place in Manhattan and are easily accessible by the subway. Also, most agencies have open evaluations or open casting calls that allow talent that have no experience to go in and be seen by a casting agent. Regardless of the city you're in, it is important to make sure that you are competing on the same level as other more established talent. To be taken seriously, you have to have the right tools and marketing. In 2017 and 2018 a model or actor is more than just a face or talent, they are their own brand and need proper marketing to stand out. If you were looking to get a head start over the competition, Latitude provide the resources to find success. Apply here now.


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