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"I would recommend Latitude for any starting models or actors who just need that push ... "


Elena B.

“I would definitely recommend Latitude. I have gotten a lot of responses that I did not originally think I would. I recently worked with shootnow11:11  for a Jewelry collaboration. I have gotten responses from L’Oreal, DNA Footwear, Fashion Week, Music videos. There are so many options that allow all kinds of people to succeed!”

Read Member Elena's Success Here

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Chole R.

"Everyone is super nice and welcoming, I felt comfortable the whole time. They really do seek potential in aspiring models and they demonstrate honesty in the most respectful way possible. Thank you for seeking potential in me."

Latitude Talent Member Chloe

See Chloe on Instagram Here

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Safiya Hinds

"Thank you so much for your support and help, as a result of that, I have been offered a contract with System Agency. I’m speechless on how fast things are moving !"

New York Member Safiya Hinds was  requested by CRAWFORD MODELS, D1 Models, Muse Agency and System Agency

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Donavon Sneed

"I just wanted to share the great news that I’ve been casted to play Parker Salt in the Charmed X web series. It is a main role and filming starts this weekend ! Thank you all so much for all you do." 

New York Talent Member Donavon 

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Elinam K.

"I would recommend Latitude for any starting models or actors who just need that push to get started. I am eager to continue on this journey and am ready for anything that comes my way!"

Meet Latitude Talent Member Elinam Here


Latitude Talent Member Melanie connected and landed WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS Beauty Brand Shoot

Check out Melanie Here

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Zoie P.

“I wanted to reach out to you, to thank you for everything. I was able to find myself this past summer, all because of you guys. You really helped me build my portfolio, with modeling and acting. I really appreciate it! I want to thank you for all the projects, you helped me get into with my comp card. I enjoyed every single project i did from you guys. I’m still continuing to apply everyday on your website, and hopefully get into more projects as well. I enjoyed my photoshoot with you guys. I love my pictures so much! I hope to continue more with you!” 

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Latitude Talent Member Tchard has appeared in a variety of projects including VH1's Love and Hip Hop by connecting to this casting on the Latitude platform.

Watch Here

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"Latitude Talent has given me an experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life!...I recommend Latitude to anyone who wants to start an acting or modeling journey, they open plenty of doors!"

Leonty M

"I would definitely recommend working along side Latitude Talent Studios. They have some great opportunities, especially for the ones that really want to build there portfolio."

Watch Member Leonty Here

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Karen S.

"Latitude has helped me jump start my confidence and believing in me while giving me the opportunity to have a photoshoot and apply to any projects presented. I would totally recommend Latitude to anyone looking to get started because the people working there are very kind and patient and take the time to explain everything to you."

Read Karen's Experience Here

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" I would recommend Latitude because they can give you the blue print to what you are in search for and they’re very amazing at what they do. Take it from me, I’ve already book more jobs then ever because of Latitude. So if you want to start off in the industry, start with Latitude." 

Justin, New York Talent Member

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Tyler T.

"My Experience has been Great!"

Meet Latitude Talent New York member Tyler T. who has been connected to Casting calls from, VICE News, Pepi Ginsberg Short Film, Shoot 11.11 and many more.

Meet Member Tyler Here

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Sara H.

"I LOVE Latitude, the energy and the staff are super helpful"

Meet Latitude Talent New York member Sarah H. who has been connected to to modeling agencies MMG, Dynasty Models Boston and TRUE Model Management and castings including retail brand VIM and 'The Set" NYC

Meet Member Sarah Here

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