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10 Ways to Become a Model in New York

The glamorous life of a model is the goal of many people. In this guide, learn about ten ways to become a model in New York.

Become a Model NYC

Did you know that the global fashion industry is worth over $2.5 trillion? A substantial portion of this value includes the New York modeling industry, as well. Understanding how to be a model can be a daunting task at first. This is especially true for those who want to get involved in high fashion. However, the process doesn't have to be difficult. Let's take a closer look at everything you need to know about how to become a model in New York City.

1. Attend a Modeling Agency Open Call

Many of the top modeling agencies in New York hold open calls for aspiring models. During these events, you can present yourself to an agent and be considered for representation. Be sure to dress professionally and wear minimal makeup. Models are meant to be a canvas that can help bring a vision to life — you'll want the agency representatives to see your natural appearance. Many open calls for models are now done online rather than in person.

2. Take Professional Headshots

Quality photos are essential to have in your portfolio as a model. To really stand out, consider hiring a professional photographer to take headshots that show off your best features and personality. Always research photography companies and avoid those that charge thousands for overly-edited or heavily made up pictures, you don't need them. In fact, good photographs for models cost about $1,000. Spending anymore than that will not be helpful to you. This will give you the edge when you start submitting your portfolio to agencies. While professional headshots might not get you every job you apply for, not having them will certainly cost you jobs in the future. Any model who wants to be taken seriously will have to invest in photographs or marketing materials. Modeling is not free and anyone who tells you it is has never modeled professionally.

3. Hone Your Communication Skills

This is essential for any model who plans on succeeding in the New York modeling industry. You will need to be able to communicate effectively with clients, photographers, and other professionals in the industry. Make sure you perfect your body language and posture as well as speaking clearly and confidently. This will go a long way when it comes to maximizing your chances of finding work.

4. Take Modeling Classes

Modeling is so much more than standing there and looking pretty. You will need to be easy to work with and direct. Taking a modeling class can teach you what it takes to be a successful model in New York City. Doing so will give you a foundation of knowledge that can allow you to navigate the industry. There are many good modeling schools and events. Model Boot Camp by Latitude is an excellent option for models starting out, especially if you are trying to find modeling schools online. There are also weekend events that host agencies and modeling scouts such as Model-Weekend.

5. Create a Portfolio

Your portfolio is essential in the modeling world. It should include professional images that showcase your skills and experience. Be sure to include headshots, full body shots, high fashion shots, etc. so that you can present yourself as someone who can take on a variety of different roles.

Over time, you can use the professional work in your portfolio to secure more lucrative modeling gigs. Again, research photographers in detail and avoid those that over-charge for basic photography.

6. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Keeping a healthy diet is important for any model. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and make sure that you are getting the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Not only will this help keep your physique in check, but it will also improve the quality of your skin.

7. Exercise Regularly

In addition to optimizing your diet, you should engage in regular physical activity to keep your body toned. A combination of cardio exercises and strength training will help you to stay in shape. Models come in all shapes and sizes so embrace your body and be positive! Additionally, take time to stretch before and after workouts to prevent any injuries.

8. Work With a Casting Platform

Working with a casting platform can help you connect with agents, photographers, and other industry professionals. They serve as the liaison between models and the agencies that are looking for them. Without their industry connections, it can be notably difficult to get started on your own. Latitude Talent Studios is highly reviewed and best rated if you are trying to start out as a model or actor.

9. Get to Know the Industry Standards

It's important to understand what kind of body types are popular in New York, as well as the standard measurements for a female or male model. Knowing this information can help you determine if you're ready to pursue modeling in the city and give you an idea of how much work you need to do to reach a certain level of success.

10. Network With People in the Industry

Attend fashion shows, parties, and other events where you can meet agents, photographers, stylists, etc. Frequent networking can help you get your name out there and find potential jobs. Of course, you should remember to be confident when speaking with others. Otherwise, they may not take you seriously. The good news is that networking becomes much easier once you get your foot in the door and start building a list of professional contacts.

Look out for Red Flags

While models should always expect to get a modeling portfolio when starting out, avoid photography studios that charge thousands for pictures. Any legit modeling agency or studio will not require a deposit over the phone to meet with you. Always check reviews online and ask other models before taking a leap with a photo studio.

How Do I Find the Right Casting Platform?

When searching for a casting platform to work with, make sure you choose one that is reputable and well-known in the industry. Also, be sure to check out reviews of the platform before signing up to make sure it's right for you and understand what a platform can offer since they different from a modeling agency. This will provide valuable insight into the experience you will get from them. When browsing through past feedback, be sure to consider if you are actually serious about becoming a model. Finally, make sure the platform offers the necessary features that will help grow your modeling career. This could include casting calls and opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

Knowing How to Become a Model in New York Is Easier Than It Seems

As long as you have the drive and determination to succeed, you can make your dreams of learning how to become a model in New York come true. Just remember these ten tips so that you can get your career on track as soon as possible.

Looking for more information on how to become a model? Reach out to Latitude now.


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