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7 Proven Ways To Start a Modeling Career

Do you want to become a model? Getting started, takes more than hiring a photographer. Here are 7 proven ways to start modeling.

modeling career

Getting your foot into the modeling industry has become more attainable than ever. Back in the 1980s and 1990s when the decade of the supermodel really took hold, the stereotypical type of models which was tall, thin and traditionally caucasian was predominantly the industry standard. Fast forward to now, models come in all shapes and sizes, as well as backgrounds and ethnicities. Getting started to become a model is now easier than ever.

While the industry does have gatekeepers preventing newcomers, there are some effective tips that any model can take when trying to get signed to an agency. Here are some 7 ways to start a career in modeling with little or no money.

1. Network

If you're located in a major city like New York, networking with models is easy. Whether that's connecting through local Facebook groups, or reaching out to models on Instagram, or TikTok, aspiring talent, can learn about the business and opportunities from connecting to other models. If you're in a smaller market, this might be a little bit more difficult. Websites such as event Eventbrite and Meetup have events that models can attend and network with other industry professionals.

2. Get Digital's

There's no reason for models to hire expensive and overpriced photographers to build a portfolio. Often times models end up wearing too much make up or have heavily edited photos that modeling agencies simply don't want to see. If you're going to spend money on photos, which is always a requirement, keep it under a few hundred dollars and update them once or twice a year. If you're on a budget and you're trying to become a model with no money, you can try to connect with local photographers or have a friend or family member take a couple pictures of you. If you really do want to be taken seriously as a model however you're gonna need to get some professional photos at some point. Modeling agencies do not pay for models pictures, so have should have before you start applying to agencies.

3. Build a Comp Card

A comp card also known as a z-card or "composite card" is essentially a résumé for a model or actor. It usually has one main headshot as well as four smaller photos that showcase the talents versatility. Make sure your comp card has recent stats, such as your height, eye, color and hair color, birthday and contact information. Many models, leave out their contact information on their comp cards which makes them useless.

A professional comp card is like a business card and should showcase your best look. Remember, agencies don't want to see professional photos that are covered and make up and showcasing your clothing. They want simple, clear, clean photos.

4. Invest

Many aspiring models are under the impression that to become a model it's free. It's not. While maybe one percent of models will get free shoots if they get signed by a major agency, aspiring model, should always be prepared to come out of pocket for pictures at minimum. Again, avoid studios that charge excessive fees for pictures. It's not required. Standard photos are usually a few hundred in smaller market and can be a bit higher in major cities, depending upon the company and experience of the photographer.

5. Attend Open Calls

An open call for a model is an opportunity to attend in person and see a model scout from the agency. While they were traditionally, popular pre-Internet days, since the pandemic, many modeling agencies only take submissions online. One of the benefits of using Latitude Talent studios, a highly rated platform for models, is that they provide access to over 350 agencies contacts worldwide. Instead of trying to find it on your own, you can simply submit directly.

If you're attending an open, call, make sure that you dress casual and attend exactly at the time specified. If you don't have professional photos, it may be best to wait until you get some as any agency will ask for your portfolio.

6. Find Casting Calls

Casting calls are extremely important for any aspiring model. Finding them online can be very difficult as they usually do not post castings publicly. If you are able to find Castings online, make sure you independently verify their legitimacy. Casting blogs and websites such as are great for models and actors.

Casting calls are basically job posts for modeling and acting jobs. Not only do they provide models with experience, they are great to add to a resume and impress modeling agencies as it shows you are bookable.

7. Work with Professionals

Becoming a model on your own can be done, however, it takes time effort and discipline. While there are modeling schools that can teach you the industry, they usually will not make you become a model, they only teach you the basics. Modeling schools are not required however some can help you.

Platforms, such as Latitude provide an excellent option for models of all backgrounds. By allowing talents to connect to casting calls in a variety of categories, getting started to become a model with Latitude is easy. To learn more click here.

Are you ready to model?

If you are serious about modeling, there are many ways to get started. Starting out as a beginnger should be a fun and memroable experience. Modeling is something that can be done part-time and as a hobby. By following these 7 steps, you can be on your way to become a model in no time!


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