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Can Anyone Become a Model?

Can Anyone Become a Model?

For many people, becoming a model is a lifelong dream. The lifestyle of a professional model looks glamorous. Who wouldn't want to try on expensive fashion pieces, work with high-end designers, grace the covers of magazines, and walk the runway?

With that in mind, it's common to think that you're not the right "type" of person to become a model. We all have an image in our heads of what models are "supposed" to look like, right? Believe it or not, anyone can be a model if they set their mind on it. Read on to learn all about who can be a model and how they can get started.

Body Types and Modeling

The first thing that comes to mind when people are worried about whether or not they should bother going to a modeling casting call is their body type. Conventionally, people think of models as thin, tall, and relatively toned.

While it used to be true that all models fit this description, it's no longer the case. Many brands are expanding their horizons to include people with all different body types as long as they're good models. The division of "alternative models" has evoled at many modeling agencies, welcoming models of all shapes and sizes.

This is most common when it comes to print models. Print models are more likely to be plus-sized models or short. The runway requires tall and svelt models to display clothing, but print ads do not.

If you have stretch marks, cellulite, or extra skin, don't worry. Many brands are embracing the body positivity movement. This means that there are more opportunities for people with "average" bodies.

This is even true for people who have unique bodies. True body positivity in the modeling world includes people with visible disabilities. Inclusive brands aim to uplift those people, so there are still plenty of modeling opportunities that you can find if you're diligent.

In short, if you have a "traditional" model body, you're sure to find work. That doesn't mean that you won't find work if you have a "nontraditional" body type.

Age: Does It Matter?

Many models that you see in print ads or on the runway are in their late teens to mid-twenties. It's true that becoming a model is easier when you're young, but you don't have to give up on modeling once you're in your thirties.

Young models tend to be more versatile, but the advertising world needs models of all ages. More "mature" models are common in ads for skincare products, medications, and more. You can even find plenty of fashion model opportunities if you know where to look.

Remember that modeling isn't all about fashion. When you see ads on billboards or in magazines, are they all full of young models? People of all ages can model.

Alternative Models

So what if you don't fit the status quo? Whether you have piercings or tattoos, a unique hair color, or even a natural "look" that doesn't fit the norm, you will find modeling opportunities.

While not all industries will have space for unique models, many will. It's common for makeup brands to focus on more diverse model types.

If you're an unconventional model due to your alternative style, you may find work in tattoo magazines, alternative fashion, and makeup.

If you have a beautiful and unique "natural" look, there are plenty of casting calls that are looking for people just like you. Models should embrace the things that make them unique.

Many modeling agencies are no longer trying to make all of their models fit one specific mold. They know that a unique model will be more eye-catching than the typical runway models. If they want to attract unique customers, they need to display unique models!

How to Become a Model: The Basics

So with this in mind, how can someone become a model if they're not on a conventional path? If you haven't been scouted for modeling and guided through the process, no problem. Here's a quick guide.

Get a Portfolio

You're going to need to assemble a portfolio if you want modeling agencies to notice you. To start, take some photos. In a perfect world, you'd have a professional photographer, but even having a friend take photos of you is often enough to get started. Remember, don't spend too much on photography at one time and avoid make up in your photographs.

You need photos that show off your face and body. Don't make any alterations. These photos should show you in a neutral pose and with a neutral expression. You can add some more "fun" photos to your portfolio once you have the basics.

You should also list your measurements in your portfolio or comp card. This is how brands will know whether or not you're a good fit for their casting calls when you submit out to them.

Be Confident

Confidence is key when you want to be a model. There will be plenty of times that you feel self-conscious or otherwise nervous, but when you project an air of confidence, you're more likely to be successful.

You have to promote yourself as a model. Try to swallow your shyness and put yourself out there.

Join a Modeling Agency

The right modeling agency will make it easy to find gigs. They'll connect you with potential matches and help you get your name out there.

Make sure that you have your portfolio on hand and be ready to pose or walk. You should also prepare yourself for rejection. Remember: a rejection just means that you're staying open to other opportunities.

So Can Anyone Become a Model? Yes

Anyone can become a model as long as they have enough grit and they're ready to do the necessary work. Regardless of your "look," your age, or your body type, there are plenty of modeling opportunities that you qualify for. Always maintain a realistic approach when starting out. it isn't an easy field to break into!

Are you ready to start your modeling journey? At Latitude Talent, we can help new models and actors get their start in the entertainment world by connecting our members to a platform of public casting calls and agencies. Join us today and start your journey.


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