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Want to Become a Model in New York? Here's Why Now is a Great Time

Body positivity, alternative and unique looks; those are all phrases that we frequently hear now in the mainstream media. Advertisers and clothing brands are now finally taking notice and are casting "average" every day people for their casting roles. Want to get started? Here's why now's a great time to become a model.

Back in the 1970s, when the modeling industry first really got a started, the stereotypical model was commonly a female, caucasian and tall (over 5'9) and thin usually no larger than a size zero. Throughout the 1980's through the early 1990's the mainstream modeling industry was solely focused on the that "typical model" type.

It wasn't until the 2000's when the industry saw a shift to the petite model , where shorter models such as Kate Moss were landing casting calls and finding opportunities with major modeling agencies in New York.

Many beginner models are under the impression that because they feel they are "pretty", they will easily get signed into a modeling agency. That is simply not the case these days. Modeling agencies cater to casting agents, which are the ones that cast the models and actors for their own clients. A model agency, or model manager, is typically just the middleman to connect a talent to the casting. While many agencies will typically scout fresh faced models, they rely on website and agency submissions to scout for talent as many open casting calls are thing of the past.

Less than 1% of models that are in the industry are actually signed to a modeling agency, leaving the door for many models of all backgrounds to freelance on their own.

With the industry opening back, brand and advertisers are taking notice of what their consumers want. They want to be able to relate to their customer base and are increasingly seeking out the average, every day model or actor. If you're looking to become a model especially in New York City, getting started is now the best time.

There are many avenues to get started as a model. The traditional route is applying to a modeling agency, or working with a service that can help get you get started as a beginner. Latitude Talent Studios works with models and actors by connecting talent to a digital platform to find opportunities, while building up their portfolio. Latitude is not an agency, allowing talent to subscription access projects to start out in their local market. The Latitude Talent cost is in fact the lowest (and best) in New York as they include free photography.

If you're just moving to New York City and are on a strict budget, many new models and actors can also connect with local photographers to help trade their time for pictures. This is a great way to build up on a budget. At that point you can then start applying to agencies or start to find free casting calls online. Always do your homework on photographers to ensure they are legit and you will get your pictures back.

In this industry, like any others, it is important to be realistic. Modeling and acting is extremely hard however it can be rewarding or just plain fun. Think you have what it takes to start modeling? Check out Latitude Talent Reviews and see how they can help.


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