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Become a Model

Looking to Become a Model?

If becoming a model has always been a dream of yours, the approach a new face talent should take is different in today’s decade. This article will discuss how to become a model in the 21st-century. Notoriously, becoming a model involved getting randomly scouted by a talent agent at a mall, catching the subway, or at an open call audition.

With today’s technology, scouting for talent has become easier than ever for modeling scouts. While this is great for modeling agencies, it is that much more difficult for a new face model trying to break into the industry. With increased competition from aspiring models, actors and social media influencers, setting yourself apart from other models and actors makes all the difference. Typically, a model could get scouted at a mall or a local event by talent scouts. In the 1970's and 80's this is how many top models including Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell got scouted by top players at Ford Models and Elite Models. With a young teens barely making it to malls and retail slowing down, all most everything is done online and that includes casting for models as well.

Become a Model

Does Social Media help you become a model? Getting scouted on social media has helped talent in the past, but it’s important to make sure that you tastefully market yourself. Remember as a model, you are taking on by the client to help influence the brand. Make sure that your social media image represents an authentic self and showcases your look. While it is noted that social media can gain exposure, making sure that your photography and information is seen at the right places can make all the difference.

Attend an Open Call Audition Open calls have always been very popular however they are very difficult to find, especially from legitimate modeling agents. Major agencies once used to host weekly open calls typically on a work week usually- a Tuesday or Wednesday in major markets such as New York City and Los Angeles.

Smaller tier markets like Miami and Boston still host open calls, just not as frequent. With the prospect of influencers and making a lot of money in the business, more than ever have talent wanted to get involved in becoming a model. Agencies know this and that’s why they now typically limited, or do not host open calls at all at their offices at all. Submissions usually take place online. When submitting to a modeling agency, be sure to include your real measurements such as height weight eye and hair color and shoe size, as well as submitting the required photography. If you are new model, make sure that your photography that you submitted it’s a natural. Avoid colors or backdrops that take away from you as the talent. Many agencies, especially in New York City, prefer natural lighting so outdoor shooting is recommended. To stand out from the rest, modeling agencies and talent scouts need to know that a model is serious. Becoming a model is not a free sport, just like becoming a dancer or singer, it takes years of practice and training. While good looks and a great personality make all the difference making sure that a client has confidence is is what gets you booked. A professional portfolio, comp cards and experience in front of the camera can help a client feel confident and to undertake and book a you as a talent.

Professional Photography makes the Difference Professional grade marketing such as a portfolio and a composite card help a client understands the talents versatility in front of the camera. Every model or actress should start this before they seek an agent. It is also important to note that many agencies will not take on a new face talent unless they have a history of booking, that’s why it is imperative that I model or actor seek out casting calls and work rather, than an agent when just starting out. An agent is not in the business of helping a talent, they are in the business of making sure the talent has work so they can take a commission.

Without a resume or professional marketing it’s going to be very difficult if not impossible to find an agent. While there are many models and actors that can get discovered without any of these materials it is few and far between. If you are serious about becoming a model it is important to invest in yourself, being professional when attending castings, show up on time and always looking your best is important.

Modeling as a Teen or Child Model If you are over the age of 18, you should attend the casting alone. As discussed above it is important to make sure a parent or guardian for Talon under the age of 18 attend any type of casting call. For guys you want to stick with solid color pants and a V-neck top. For girls you want to attend the casting that typically features your facial features so your hair back, a white tank top and a pair of solid color jeans and a small heel are recommended for castings as well. For actors, It really varies depending upon the role. From any castings they will include what to wear to an audition, however if it does not specify you want to look and dress similar to how you would every day. Avoid logos and bright clothing. It is important to know that if you are using roles such as extra work to build your career, which is a great way to get started, you should consider wearing bright colors as it will help make you stand out in front of the camera. While many models first try to seek out agencies, it is important to try to seek out modeling jobs and castings first.

Finding local castings which can include for print, advertising as well as promotional may help a model out when getting started. Regardless of whether it’s paid or unpaid it is important to focus on the fact that a new model needs to build up their portfolio so taking on any castings can help. If you are talent under the age of 18, it is almost always required that you attend a casting call with a parent. Make sure that casting you attend suits your look as you don’t want to waste your time or the clients time.

Modeling New York is easy

Casting calls for models are very difficult to find, Instilling the consulting of a professional company can help. When starting a portfolio, it is important to feature in natural raw look that can help influence a cast and client to understand your versatility as a talent. Avoid heavy airbrushing as they can hide your natural features. While many portfolios are fine with the one look, typically clients like to see a variety so if you’re able to set up multiple shoots over a span of time that is great to help build up your portfolio. While photography in a major market should be expected to cost you a few hundred dollars don’t invest too heavily. Every model or actress should expect to cover their own cost when getting started especially for marketing. Consulting with professionals can also help a model get started. Unlike a talent agency which only focuses is on booking, Latitude Talent helps both new and established models get started in the industry by connecting them with the tools and resources for success.

If you are looking to get started in modeling, visit Latitude talent Studios here


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