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Talent Review: Meet Justin From Latitude Talent

Name/Age/Location: Justin V. | 22 | Bronx, New York

What made you want to get started in modeling/acting?

When I first discovered modeling and acting, I didn’t know if I wanted to consider it. But my Mother and Aunt suggested I give it a try. I alway said no. However, that was said in 2019. Now I’m absolutely happy that I gave into what they said. My soul purpose is to be in this profession, work with all different types of people and to just continue to be hungry and wanting more. So it’s safe to say I have to thank my mom and aunt for getting into my head about modeling because I wouldn’t be where I am today.

male model
Justin V. For Latitude Talent Shoot

What castings have you attended?

I’m still fresh into the modeling/acting industry. However I spent a year in an acting studio. Those would be American Theater of Actors and Ripley Grier’s Studios. With modeling, I’ve worked with a few brands before joining Latitude Talent Studios. Including with a fitness brand, a very well know retail store from Japan and a Street Wear brand in New York.

Would you recommend Latitude?

I would recommend Latitude because they can give you the blue print to what you are in search for and they’re very amazing at what they do. Take it from me I’ve already book more jobs then ever because of Latitude. So if you want to start off in the industry, start with Latitude.

Ready to get started? Latitude is the best casting platform network for models and actors. Read more of our success stories here.


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