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Best New Hampshire Modeling Agencies

Want to become a model in New Hampshire? Here are the best modeling agencies to get started with.

New Hampshire Modeling Agencies

New Hampshire, the live free or die state is known for its scenic Kangamangus Highway, beautiful beaches and the Hampton Beach strip, but rarely is it a considered a modeling hub. With its close proximity to Boston, which hosts the best modeling agencies is in the area, the granite state does have a few talent companies and services that are worth mentioning.

Founded in 1988 New England Model Group is one of the oldest modeling agencies in New Hampshire. Located in the capital of Manchester, this talent agency works with models and actors of all ages. Traditionally, focusing on commercial models, they have a vigorous development program, which they require most models without experience to attend.

Located: 1650 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101

Well, this is a Boston based modeling agency, Dynasty Models has many New Hampshire models on their roster. Traditionally, a commercial print agency, dynasty works with models of all ages, specifically babies through seniors.

Located: 131 Dartmouth St Industrious, Boston, MA 02116

TOWN is an online model development firm that specializes in models ages 13 to 65. The development division is one of the best as the team are mainly current models and actors.

For over two decades, this Boston-based agency traditionally focuses on editorial models. Established in the posh Back Bay area, Maggie is a staple in New England, and is traditionally focused on models that have a developed portfolio or prior experience. That is not to say that they don't work with beginners, so submitting to them is encouraged.

Located: 35 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

While located in New York, many New Hampshire models travel frequently to New York to meet with Latitude. Not an agency, this casting platform provides opportunities for models, not only in the New England area, but nationwide.

Ready to become a model in New Hampshire?

While New Hampshire is limited in modeling agencies, it's a great location to travel either to Massachusetts, or New York, which has some top modeling agencies. All you need to do is snap some basic photos (you don't need to spend a lot on them) and start applying to these modeling agencies or services like Latitude here.


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