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What is a Comp Card for Models?

The word "comp card" sounds funny, however it's a tool that models and actors use to submit themselves out to casting calls. It has quite a history. Here's why they're important for any model starting out.

Model Comp Card
This is an Example of a Comp Card

A composite card, often referred to as a comp card or Z card is a compile of photographs a model or actor puts together on one form. Generally, a comp card has a full sized headshot on one side, followed by 4 photographs on the other. It is important to have photographs that are of clear quality and showcase your most recent look. You should expect to have at least one close-up headshot, one main body and one full body photograph on your comp card. Avoid any logos in on clothing.

What should be listed on a comp card?

It is important for a model to their your current statistics such as height, eye color and hair color, birthday, and contact information. Always include an email and a phone number. If the comp card allows it, include a social media user name. Keep your contact information up-to-date.

Are Comp cards printed?

Back in the 1980's and 1990's, it would be common for a modeling agency to mail comp cards to different clients. Now with the Internet, a comp card is simply used to submit out to a casting client or a casting role.

Often times, a model would have to purchase large amounts of comp cards at one time in bulk, usually in batches of 250 or more. Now, it is not common or required for a model to purchase bulk comp cards. A digital comp card that is updatable is all that is required.

How do you make a model comp card?

While some models attempt to make a comp card on on their own, using software like Microsoft Word or Adobe for free, every model agency will have their own format and template. If you are not signed to an agency, platforms like Latitude Talent allow a model to generate one instantly.


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