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10 Ways to Get Started in Modeling

If becoming a model is your goal, this guide has you covered. Here are 10 ways to get started modeling.

Become a Model
10 Steps to Modeling

With the rise of social media applications like Instagram and TikTok, the desire to become a model is at an all-time high. Luckily, the modeling industry has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Gone are the days of the conventional tall and thin standard. Plus size models, ethnically ambiguous and diverse talents of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are finding their place in the modeling industry. While the traditional gatekeepers of the industry are no longer, getting started is still notoriously difficult. Here are 10 easy ways to get started as a model.

1. Get Headshots

Just as you would apply for a job with your résumé for models their calling card is their headshot. Head shots, or a modeling portfolio are a must have requirement for any model. The first thing a client or modeling agency will see is the talent images, so be sure that they are of high-quality and are recently updated. Research local photographers and avoid over-priced studios.

2. Create a Comp Card

A comp card or composite card is essentially a pictorial résumé for a model or actor. It usually holds 4 to 5 photographs and includes the talents full name, stats and contact information. Traditionally, information like the models height, birth date, eye color and hair color will be listed. Printed comp cards are no longer used in the modeling industry as they were once mailed out to casting clients. Since everything is digital, a composite card can easily be updated electronically.

3. Don't Spend Too Much

There are many opportunities for models to overspend in this industry. Whether that's attending many different modeling schools or paying for expensive photo shoots, those are typically not a requirement. While start out modeling is never free, usually a talent should expect to get simple photographs for their agencies to use. Avoid spending thousands as you will usually need updated pictures every six months to a year to be used for castings. Workshops and schools do help but if you are trying to model for free, stick to investing in pictures and casting sites just starting out.

4. Build your Social Media

The first thing a potential casting client and modeling agency is going to ask an aspiring model is what their Instagram name is. While having strong pictures are a requirement, model scouts usually like to view what a models real lifestyle is like. They also like to see if your content is being reached to a higher audience. If you are having trouble finding or getting signed to a model agency, build your social media first, as it is an impressive tool to showcase to potential modeling agents.

5. Attend Open Casting Calls

An open call for a model is a short and brief chance to meet with a scout or client in hopes of showing your face in person. Open calls are usually no longer than 10 minutes and are a chance to present your personality and image in person. Open Open calls are becoming more and more popular and are usually found in major cities like New York or Miami.

6. Be open to Travel

If you are located in a smaller market, it would be advisable to travel to a larger city to find a modeling agency. Being open to travel can also present you with more opportunities to get exposure. Big markets for models include Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

7. Find a Model Agency

A modeling agency is the ultimate goal for aspiring talent, and finding them is not too difficult. What is difficult is getting accepted by modeling agency without experience. Before applying to any agency you find online, you should pinpoint the exact agencies that work with your look. You can see if an agency works with your look by checking out their roster on their website. If you notice a model agency only works for the specific age bracket then it's best to approach agencies that you have a chance with.

8. Find Casting Calls

Casting calls are essentially job listings for models and actors. Finding them is extremely difficult as the top casting calls for projects are usually open to modeling agencies that have a roster of talent. There are many websites like that have publish free casting call posting from public websites which a model can use to submit to.

9. Network

Networking with other models and creatives is an opportunity to find and communicate projects with one another. Websites such as MeetUp provide listings of workshops in a specific area. Use that as a tool, if you are trying to get started as a model.

10. Be Realistic

In the entertainment business, it is always up to the casting client or modeling agency to choose the talent they wish to work with. As such, a model must be realistic and understand this business has no guarantees. Be realistic in your approach to prevent yourself from being let down as nothing in this business is ever personal. Remember the entertainment business is a business, and if you treated as such, it will improve your outlook and drive.

Ready to Become a Model?

Be sure to follow these tips and explore services like Latitude Talent, which are the best way to become a model. Learn more here.


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