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3 Best Modeling Agencies in Maine

Want to become a model in Maine? Here are the 3 best modeling agencies.

maine model agencies

While Maine is known for its beautiful scenery, endless beaches and seafood, it is not known for the modeling industry. Surprisingly, over the past 5 years, there has been significant growth within the entertainment industry on the east coast.

While Boston has the best modeling agencies, Maine does have a few to name. Here are the best 3 that stand out for new models.

Port City Models, located in Portland (hence the name) is a full service modeling and talent agency. They represent not just models but actors, musicians, dancers and more. Caron Bryan, the owner, has experience representing over 200+ models and actors. She was named "Portland's Most Influential Women"


PO BOX 6820 Portland, ME 04103

Started by Christine Louise Marshall and David Jon Timm, this duo has years of experience in the entertainment field. Working with many commercial models of all looks, this talent agency stands out in a smaller market like Maine for all models; male, female and even babies.


Adult agent email:

Adult/youth agent:

Latitude is a talent platform that works with models and actors of all backgrounds. While located mainly in New York, Latitude also works with Maine-based talent that can also travel.

545 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10018

Submission: Apply Here

Ready to Model in Maine?

While modeling may seem like a fantasy, it is now more realistic than ever as agencies are scouting for real people. Maine does has a few modeling agencies to check out and if you're ready to start as a model, use these 3 places as a guide to becoming a model!


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