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3 Things to List on a Modeling Application

Applying to agencies in an important step to get scouted as a model. Here are 3 things you don't want to miss in your application.

modeling application

Applying to a modeling agency is both exciting and scary. What does the modeling agent want to see? What are the best types of pictures to send? Here are the 3 key things to look out for if you are trying to become a model.

1.) Clear Photographs

Oftentimes, models want to submit photographs that feature them in the best outfit or pose. While this might increase your confidence, modeling agencies and talent scouts want to see recent and clear photographs of you. That means no filters, heavy make up or designer clothes.

As a model, you are the product so your face should be the main focus in any picture. Agencies often overlook models that have glamor photos that have been styled by makeup artist and wardrobe assistants (unless it is a shoot for a paid product or advertisement you landed) and opt for a more natural look.

The best clear photographs are recent (within 6 months) behind a white or black background with your hair down and neatly styled. If you have any tattoos, scars or other unique traits, show them off!

Modeling agencies are more diverse than ever and are always scouting for a different look than you might think. Professional photographs are not required to when you submit to an agency.

2.) Accurate Measurements

Having proper measurements is a requirement when applying to any modeling agency. While you can send in an estimate, be sure that if you are called into a meeting, the modeling scout may take your measures on the spot. Prevent yourself from the embarrassment in this case and always send accurate measures!

The standard measurements required for models include your height, dress size or pant size, waist and shoe size. For high-fashion runway modeling, agencies often prefer tall and slender models with specific body proportions. Common requirements might include a height between 5'8" and 6'0" for women and 6'1" to 6'3" for men, along with specific measurements for bust, waist, and hips for commercial work.

Commercial modeling is 95% percent of the business and is diverse in terms of height and size and age, as it often represents a broader range of body types for advertising various products such as print and social media advertising.

Remember, don't be scared to submit. Agencies love diversity and authenticity when scouting models.

3.) Recent Contact Information

If you're hoping to get in contact with a modeling agency, you have to supply them with the most recent and best contact information. That means sending an email address that you are constantly checking and sending a phone number that can receive texts or phone calls. Often times models forget that a main source of communication for modeling agencies is through email so constantly keep your eye out if you have been submitting to modeling agencies. Legitimate modeling agencies never communicate through applications such a Snapchat, WhatsApp, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram or any other applications. Always be sure to verify any email address that comes to you by matching it with the official website of the modeling agency. If you are a minor, always list your parents information and get their consent first before applying to any agency.

Ready to start out as a model? If you were on your way to starting out as a model using web platforms, such as Latitude Talent is an excellent way to gain exposure in a competitive market as a beginner. With access to over 300 modeling agency contacts as well as updated, casting calls nationwide, you can start as a model by applying here.


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