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12 Top Modeling Agencies in Maryland

If you're an aspiring model, then keep reading this article. We'll discuss the best modeling agencies in Maryland. This way, you'll be sure to book your next campaign!

Modeling Agencies in Maryland

Did you know that about 400 open castings for models are projected each year? This number is fairly low compared to other occupations. Therefore, your modeling career must have the best representation.

1. E.C.E. Talent Agency

E.C.E is one of the best-known agencies in Maryland. They offer training for high-fashion and film modeling apart from their representation. So, if you're a beginner model, E.C.E might be a great place to improve your skills.

The goal of E.C.E is to make you castable by diversifying your portfolio. They also work with local and national talent. This aspect may make it harder to book a job. However, they do have a wide variety of clients.

2. CIMA Talent Management

CIMA is another great option with a wide range of talent scouting. They scout for plus, mid, and petite-size models. This is important since not every modeling agency takes on mid to plus-size models.

This ‍modeling agency is great for a beginner or professional model because of its individualized approach. Lastly, CIMA also offers classes to help grow your talent.

3. Kids International Talent Agency

Modeling jobs for kids can be harder to book because there is more competition. Not to mention, the legalities behind child labor laws in this industry.

Luckily, this agency is dedicated to helping children start their modeling careers. Not every child model agency can be trusted. However, Kids Internation Talent Agency does follow strict laws for child safety.

4. Pure Bliss Elites Productions Modeling Agency

Pure Bliss Elites is great for those who aren't yet sure which route they want to take. The modeling agency works primarily with film models. However, they do hold space for print and high-end modeling.

Nevertheless, it's always a great option to choose from if you're trying to hone in on your talents. The models under this agency will receive quality skills that can be used in any type of modeling.

5. NVE Modeling Agency

NVE is another reputable modeling and casting agency. They pride themselves in having a diverse group of models. They look for unique features when casting for talent.

They also accept all ages, races, and skill levels. Lastly, they offer online booking for their clients, which may increase your chances of getting hired.

‍6. Taylor Royal Modeling Agency

Taylor Royall is great for print models who want to add to their portfolio. Some of the companies that Taylor Royall has worked with are Nike and Adidas.

The work you may be offered is for product releases for these companies. Therefore, the chances of exposure are higher. Overall, Taylor Royal is great for those who want to jumpstart their modeling career.

This modeling agency is also in partnership with Betsy Royal Casting which focuses more on acting. Together they bring in great talent for local and international companies.

7. Alexis Crystal Stevenson Modeling Agency

ACSMA is more focused on skill building. Therefore, this agency is better for those who need to build their skill set.

Nevertheless, they have castings for fashion print, lifestyle, and commercial print. However, these are typically reserved for models with more experience.

8. Afrique Models Agency

This African-based modeling agency is great for black women who want to start modeling. They currently hold classes for cat walking and print. These classes are led by black women and the agency is also black-owned.

This is a great agency if you need a progressive and diverse approach to modeling. Currently, their IG page is holding auditions and classes.

9. Latitude Talent Studios

Latitude is another great modeling company, since they aren't an agency. This they offer modeling, acting casting access. They are great for those who want to pursue a modeling career but feel overwhelmed. They also work with many industry leaders. For example, one of their alumni is now working with MAJOR Models

10. J Roach Model and Talent Management

J Roach is a great agency for those looking to model in commercials and catalogs. J Roach does focus on smaller industrial companies. Nevertheless, they are expanding to high-end modeling as well as bigger companies.

Overall, catalog work is always a great way to build a portfolio fast and get paid. Most runway models don't get paid for their work. So, consider doing this type of modeling if you want to build a more stable career.

11. ROE: The Agency

ROE serves the Metropolitan area, which includes Maryland. However, if they don't have a home base near Maryland. If you're looking for an in-person approach, this may not be right for you.

However, if you don't mind virtual casting then consider the ROE. The agency focuses on diverse features in black and brown communities. They also have talent showcases where models can hit the runway.

Lastly, they also have their very own magazine that features their very own talent. This is great for exposure and practice in the field.

12. Town Models

Last but not least, TOWN Models. Town is great for all ages and ethnicities since they're more established which brings in a wider clientele.

Start Your Modeling Career Today

Now that you know about the best modeling agencies in Maryland, it's time to get on that runway! However, if you're still unsure, visit our website.

We have more helpful tools like agency insider secrets that could help you land your next job! So don't hesitate any longer. Join Latitude today.


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