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Want to Model in New York? Here's 6 Tips to Start

The modeling industry is notorious for how difficult it can be to break into. Not only do you need to fit the part, but you also need to understand how to navigate the industry. This is especially true when it comes to New York modeling, which is one of the most competitive segments of the modeling industry as a whole. We've got info that can help you along your way, though. Let's take a look.

1.) Take Excellent Care of Your Skin

It should come as no surprise that you'll need to take excellent care of your skin in order to facilitate your modeling career. Unfortunately, it's entirely possible for poor skincare to prevent you from securing certain modeling jobs you encounter.

For this reason, it's imperative that you consistently avoid factors that could cause damage to your skin's integrity. These typically include:

  • Excessive sun exposure

  • Smoke

  • Chemicals

  • Oils

  • Alcohol consumption

You'll also need to stay sufficiently hydrated on a regular basis and consistently get enough sleep. Combined with a balanced diet that is full of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin C, you'll be sure that your skin looks as flawless as possible.

2.) Practice, Practice, Practice

Although modeling might seem like a simple profession, there's a large amount of skill associated with it. For example, it often takes hundreds of different shots in order to get the perfect photograph. Walking down the runway is a completely different talent in itself. As you might expect, this means that you will need to devote a significant amount of time toward becoming the best model possible. It's recommended that you practice the relevant skills on a daily basis in front of the mirror. Over time, this will allow all of them to become second nature and your execution will be flawless while you're on the job.

3.) Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Not every model needs to be excessively fit. In fact, there are segments of the modeling industry that are focused on individuals who don't look like a typical runway model or someone who would appear on the cover of a magazine.

But, you will maximize your number of potential opportunities by getting into the best shape of your life. A solid diet and regular cardio are often all that you'll need to maintain a model figure.

But, your needs may change depending on what type of modeling contracts you'd like to pursue. For example, most high-fashion models stay within a typical weight range depending on their height. So, getting overly buff might prevent you from securing these jobs.

4.) Develop a Portfolio

As with most other creative fields, you'll need to have a killer portfolio in order to find the job that you're looking for.

If you haven't worked for a brand or designer in the past, this means that you'll need to hire a professional photographer (or perhaps even use a friend or family member) to take high-quality pictures of you. These photos could be treated as mockup work for fictional projects. To elaborate, let's assume that you'd like to model designer clothing. You could hold your own photoshoots that produce content aligned with what a designer brand would create.

Regardless of what type of clothing you would like to wear while modeling, it should fit you appropriately. Clothing that is awkwardly proportioned or too tight may deter professionals from wanting to work with you. It's important to note that this doesn't mean you need to spend thousands of dollars revamping your wardrobe or on overpriced shoots from model studios— you can often achieve high-quality photos without high-quality clothing by using services of affordable platforms like Latitude Talent Studios in New York.

5.) Work with a Reputable Agency

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice to keep in mind. Getting in touch with reputable modeling agencies will exponentially increase your chances of securing modeling work. An agency is centered around working with models that it can provide opportunities for. This can save you a large amount of time and frustration, as attempting to find work on your own (especially at the beginning of your career) can be an arduous process.

In general, it's often as simple as submitting your portfolio through the agency's website. Additionally, some modeling agencies regularly hold open casting calls that allow people to audition.

For those who don't have a comprehensive portfolio yet, this is a great way to show off your talent. If possible, it's also recommended to attend casting calls even if you have a portfolio that you can submit. This will allow you to leverage additional factors, such as your personality and industry experience. Free casting call websites like can help you if you are not in a big market. Also, there are many model workshops and Model Boot Camps you can attend if you want to become a model, or learn how to walk the runway.

6.) Network as Much as Possible

Networking is a fantastic way to help give yourself a greater chance of securing new opportunities. But, it's not something that should be viewed as optional.

It's highly recommended that you get in the habit of speaking to everyone you meet in the industry and forming a connection with them. Even if you only follow them on a social media platform at the end of your conversation, this is one more contact that you didn't have before.

As time goes on, you will eventually find that you have a large pool of professionals that can help open doors for you in the industry.

Breaking into New York Modeling Might Seem Complicated

But the above information will make the process far smoother. From here, you’ll be able to give yourself the greatest chance of establishing a successful New York modeling career and connecting with the best modeling agencies.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.


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