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Is an Agency Legit? How to know if a Modeling Agency is the Real Deal

There's a lot to be said about what makes a modeling agency legit. This article breaks up how to decipher from all the noise you hear online.

Is a modeling agency legit if they make you pay for a portfolio? Should you ever pay a modeling agency, those are typically the first question any aspiring model has once they are looking to get signed to a modeling agency. Similar to searching through this article, most aspiring models go online to find out whether or not a modeling agency is legit if they were requiring you to pay upfront. The only thing people read is the head line, not the details, that is a problem when becoming educated on the industry.

To answer your question: yes, modeling agencies and managers can require models to pay for their marketing. This is completely normal now a days. Many agencies, including legacy brands will require talent to pay a subscription to breakdown services depending upon the market.

Talent marketing or listing services which provide access to models and actors castings calls also require an enrollment or monthly subscription. This is completely normal, as that is how a service makes money and stays in business. Rule of thumb; if you're not serious about investing in your career to Become a model, do not expect an agency to invest in you. The 1980's way of thinking of modeling is over. If you want to be a brand you have to build it, it is never a free ride.

It is first important to figure out what type of agency or company you are applying to or going to, as all modeling agencies and companies work differently. A modeling agency, by definition, helps seek out employment opportunities specifically for models that have experience or are currently in demand. When a modeling agent takes on a model, depending upon the models look and size, they typically have a solid portfolio with a history of booking. At that point a Modeling Agencies may be comfortable working on a commission structure which collects a percentage of what the model books. Depending upon the market a modeling agent or manager typically takes a 20% commission less any fees or marketing they fronted for the model. Training is not something agencies require, so if a modeling agent is forcing you to spend big bucks on training before they take you on, it might be best to look else were.

How do I know if a Modeling Agency is legit? For 90% of aspiring models, the modeling agency route is not only the most difficult one, it is frequently less successful for those starting as a modeling agent will not invest the time or resources developing a model that has no working history. Why would they? Simply go online and search for the companies history to see how long they have been around and what services they can provide. Do your homework before you submit, it will save you time when starting out as a beginner model.

One thing that any model or actor has to look out for is any type of pre-payment prior to excepting a casting. This is when a brand or casting client will tell a model that they will pay them in full all they have to do is send them a check in advance. They promise them that they will have a model trainer on set (red flag) That is not legitimate no casting client requires you to mail them a check.

If your passion is getting started as a model, Latitude Talent Studios is the best service that can help you get started. Become a model here.


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