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How to get signed to IMG Models

IMG Models is one of the worlds most respected top modeling agencies. Getting signed to them is no easy task. Here are 3 requirements it takes to get signed to them.

Modeling agencies are vast and in major cities like New York or Miami, there are dozens upon dozens of modeling agencies scouting new face models and actors. IMG Models is one of the worlds best known and renowned agencies which draws many new and aspiring models to try their hand at getting signs to them. IMG model requirements are a bit different than the standard agency. 1.) Height Requirement While IMG models has a roster of alternative and unique looks, the industry standard for getting signed requires females to be at least 5'9 and males models being at least 6'1. While age brackets very, the typical age requirement is 16 to 21 years old to get signed by IMG however they do work with older models as well.

Does IMG Pay you to model?

No, IMG Models does not pay you to model. Their clients will pay you to model if you book a job through them. Usually, IMG works on a 20% commission rate for any work you book through their modeling agency.

2.) Location Requirement IGMG models is worldwide however their headquarters is located in New York City, were most modeling agencies reside. While many models from around the world apply to IMG, to be considered for their New York office you must reside in New York City.

IMG Models is located in the following markets:


304 Park Ave South Penthouse North New York, NY 10010

( 212) 253 8884


8201 Beverly Blvd. Suite 300

Los Angeles, CA 90048

1 ( 310) 550 3405


20 rue de la Baume 7th floor 75008 Paris, France

+33 1 7305 9696


Level 25, 25 Martin Place Sydney, Australia 2000

+61 (2) 9285 8000


2, Arundel Street Building 5th Floor

180 The Strand London WC2R 3DA


Via Vittoria Colonna, 4 20149 Milan 3.) Basic Photographs are Needed While any agency will allow models to submit and apply on their website with any standard photos, in order for a modeling agency to market you out you need professional photographs. Many beginners are under the impression that modeling photographs are free, this is not the case. Modeling is not and has never been free. Investing in good quality photos can make all the difference from getting signed or not. Research local photographers in your market to see who are the best and most affordable to work with. Do not overspend on photographers since they need to be updated often. Avoid any place that requires you to put a deposit over the phone for a photo shoot, it is not required.

While getting signed to a major agency like IMG is possible, less than 95% of working models are signed exclusively with a modeling agency.

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