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How do Models Get Agents?

As an aspiring model, it is hard to find a modeling agency. Here are 4 tips to find and get scouted by a model agent.

Want to become a model? Well it was once a requirement that getting a modeling agency was needed to become successful. Fast forward to 2023, freelance modeling is now the most popular form of models. A modeling agency can definitely propel your career so landing a model scout can make a huge difference. Here are 4 tips to land one.

1. Get Experience

Many beginner models think that applying to every agency they can find online or searching on Google "modeling agencies near me" and applying to them is one way to get an agent. Of course, that is the best way to apply to an agency. However, modeling agents like to work with models that have previous experience. Not only does that shows that they are bookable, but it shows that they are reliable and serious about starting out in modeling. Since most top modeling agencies work on a commission structure of 20% in a market like New York, they do not like to invest their time in models that have no history of booking. Getting previous experience by attending casting calls can help set you apart from other models.

2. Professional Pictures

A modeling portfolio is a requirement for any model starting out however you have to research the photographs you hire. Many beginner model are under the impression that an agency will provide them photos if they are signed. That is not true. A modeling portfolio is something that a model should expect to invest in at the beginning of their career.

It is very (extremely) important for beginner models or even established models to avoid spending thousands on portfolio shoots. Simple pictures are all that are needed. Avoid any modeling studios that make excessive promises and charge you over the top fees. Avoid any type of makeup or heavily editing your photographs.

3. Expand your Reach

There are three major markets when it comes to modeling agencies. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Smaller markets, such as Florida and Texas are second tier markets and traditionally work with local brands. If you are applying to modeling agencies you find online and not finding immediate success, expand your reached the other markets. One of the benefits of working with Latitude Talent Studios is that the platform provides contacts to over 300 agencies worldwide.

4. Get Help

The Internet provides many resources for aspiring and beginning models to launch the career. Attending modeling schools or model boot camp can help perfect your craft and platforms such as Latitude provide an amazing way to connect to casting calls, agencies, and help you expand your portfolio get started as a model by applying here.


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