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The Best New York Modeling Agencies

Are you a model looking for top modeling agencies and talent management companies in New York?

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New York City is home to many entertainment companies and is the hub for everything fashion. In the United States, the top markets for models to get discovered in are Manhattan New York, Los Angeles California and Miami Florida. Smaller markets such as Boston, Chicago and Houston have many opportunities for smaller roles in print and local advertisements and mainly focuses on commercial print talent.

There are many modeling agencies in New York. Some of the most notable include:

Ford Models New York: Mainly focuses on editorial models but does have a lifestyle division which may include some commercial talent. Ford is very large and has offices throughout the country.

Fusion Models – Mainly focuses on editorial looks. More of a ‘boutique’ firm which is can be great for new talent development

Re:Quest Models – Mainly a Male Modeling agency which focuses on editorial looks, has some female models as well.

To get signed by a modeling agency seems like a simple task, right? Just go to one of these agencies when they hold an open call and get offered a contract on the spot? While this is possible and does happen all the time, for most new models, especially in New York, it is recommended your build up your portfolio and resume first.

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How does a model find casting jobs, auditions or gigs to build up their resume?

Latitude Talent Studios works with models and actors of all experience levels by helping to development industry grade marketing for talent. With an interactive database of modeling, talent and management contacts, as well as breakdowns to top auditions in New York, Latitude is the best way for new models to get started.

Become a NY Model now and apply online at


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