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3 Benefits of Working with a Boutique Modeling Agency

There are many reasons to work with a smaller boutique agency. Here are the 3 reasons why.

1.) They are Flexible

Many large agencies like Ford Models or Elite Models, while impressive, typically have a set look they scout for. Bigger agencies are not necessarily known for discovering new models. In fact, they are known for propelling the career of an existing model who already has some modeling jobs and gigs under their belt. Look at any supermodel and you will see they started out small, typically with a mother agency. Boutique agencies such as BTWN Agency as well as UGLY Models as unique in that they scout and look for models that are typically shunned by mainstream agencies.

2.) They Work With You

A smaller agency is able to provide guidance to a model who is fresh. They are willing to work with you to help provide a welcoming space. Examples of boutique modeling agencies in New York include VNY Models and Fenton Model Management.

3.) They Provide Mentorship

Many larger, top modeling agencies exclusively work to book a model a job, not mentor or guide them. Many times models relocate from smaller towns to a big city like New York. Model apartments are common (and very expensive) and navigating the modeling world is hard on your own. Smaller agencies can help mentor you if you're just starting out.

Here's how to Become a Model

There are many ways to start modeling however, applying to every agency is not the only answer. Latitude Talent is a platform for models and actors of all backgrounds, start by applying here.

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