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Become a Model - The Ultimate Guide

If your objective is to become a model, there are many routes and options to get started. Finding a path in entertainment is hard however with the right guidance and direction, it can make it a lot easier. There are quite a few articles and guides on how to start modeling however many are outdated and lack insight from people who have actually modeled before or work in the entertainment community. This is the ultimate guide on how to start modeling in any market as a beginner.

What is Modeling?

Modeling is more than a pretty face. It's to simulate a consumer who represents the brand. To put it simply, a company hires a model to advertise their product or service. Advertising comes in many forms. When people think of modeling, many assume that you have to be very tall and very thin. While that is the norm for editorial models, who frequently work on runway shows and high end fashion lines, many models are actually commercial talent. Commercial talent is everything except editorial modeling and that represents over 90% of the models you see on TV and print today. There is a huge push for alternative models, which is a model with a unique look or feature.

Modeling comes in many forms and fashions. Besides print modeling, there are promotional models and brand ambassador's.

What is brand ambassador modeling?

Becoming a brand ambassador has become extremely popular with the rise of social media. Becoming a brand ambassador on Instagram is when a brand will typically reach out to a model and ask them to advertise the product, in return for either free items or promotional use. Most smaller company brands as well as larger brands participate in brand ambassador scouting online and frequently look for models on Instagram.

Are Modeling job paid?

When many think of a modeling career, they dream of making a lot of money and traveling throughout the world. While this is possible, so is winning the lottery. The reality is is that many jobs especially for beginner models are frequently unpaid or the model is paid in merchandise. While that may seem unfair, a beginner model should take these opportunities as a chance for them to build their portfolio with a legitimate casting. Many models pursue the industry part time or freelance. Modeling can be a great side hustle if your career takes off.

Finding an agency

Finding an agency is the easy part since there are so many of them however, signing to one is very difficult. Modeling agencies are notoriously difficult to get into, simply because they have a certain look they are scouting for. Less than 5% of models are signed with a major agency as beginner models are able to seek out and find casting calls on their own. There are also many platforms such as Latitude Talent Studios which allows talent to access projects starting out.

Is it hard to become a model?

Like anything, you have to work towards your goals and objectives. Modeling and acting is a very difficult industry to break into however there are many outlets for models to take when getting started. Building a solid portfolio as well as attending castings is the best way to become a model. Models can also attend training and workshops, such as model boot camp and model webinars which offer accelerated insight on the industry.

Are model portfolios required?

If you are trying to get a job, you need to have a résumé. For modeling, the résumé is a models portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of photographs that showcase the models versatility. Composite cards were frequently printed and distributed by a Modeling and in the 1980s and 1990s, now composite cards aka comp cards are digital as they can be updated frequently without the expensive cost of printing materials.

Is becoming a model free?

Many beginner models mistake that getting started as a model is free. This is simply not the case. While big modeling agencies like Ford or Elite Models may front the cost or expense for certain models and then charge it back when they land a job after commissions, smaller agencies do not have the luxury of covering a models expense. Any model that is looking to get started should expect to cover the cost of their own materials. These materials include head shots and composite cards.

Do you need an agency?

While landing a modeling agency can provide management and exposure to major casting calls, models do not need a modeling agency to become successful. There are many platforms online that allow talent to access free casting calls as well as services such as Latitude Talent studios that connects talent with the resources and opportunities to get started. To become a model, upload your photograph here.


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