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Best Modeling Agencies in Boston Massachusetts

Boston is a smaller market city for models however, there are plenty of top Boston modeling agencies that new models should be on the lookout for.

As a new model, you might not be thinking that Massachusetts is the best state to get started in. In fact, it actually is an excellent market to get started if you are a commercial print model just starting out in fashion. The commercial print market makes up almost 90% of the entertainment industry and features models and actors of all the looks and backgrounds. In the past year, there has been out and all out cattle call for diversity in modeling, which makes it an amazing time to try your luck in the modeling industry. Boston Massachusetts is referred to as a commercial print state for models as most jobs and auditions booked in smaller markets throughout Massachusetts are for locally owned brands. Smaller companies that hire models typically pay under $200-300 for a job that's under 3 hours.

Modeling Agencies Boston MA

Dynasty Models is a great agency for new models starting out. They have been in Boston MA for over a decade and have a large roster of male and female models. Maggie Inc. Is a wonderful modeling agency in Boston that typically gears towards fitness models as well as editorial models with a distinct look. Their large roster also features commercial talent as well. They are highly rated, as well as highly selective. According to their website, the Maggie agency strives to be a leader in Boston by pushing the industry forward, having discovered barrier breaking trans top model Teddy Quinlivan and body positive advocate and Sports Illustrated cover model Camille Kostek, while also consistently nurturing and promoting the community of exceptional talent based and working in New England area.

Model Club Inc Boston is another agency for models to start with. They work with a wide variety of looks throughout Massachusetts markets like Bedford, Lowell MA, Worcester, Brookline and more. WSM Agency is a newer player in the market located in Newburyport. If traveling is of issue, there are options like Model Boot Camps that allow people to learn about the industry online.

As a new model, it is equally important to ensure your safety when it comes to casting calls and agencies. As a new model or actor in Boston, you should never pay a deposit over the phone, or accept a check prior to attending a casting. These a are common red flags.

Much like Atlanta, Boston is an up and coming market for models and actors since it is so close to New York. There was many modeling agencies that are flourishing outside of the city in smaller towns like Lowell, Burlington and Bedford. In fact, in the 1960's and 1970's, there were modeling schools in downtown Lowell. Cambridge is also an upcoming market however many top agencies will be located in Downtown Boston, typically on Newbury Street.

When becoming a model, you do have more than one option than just applying to an agency. Latitude Talent Studios is a great way for models and actors of all experience levels that are trying to get started on a platform.

If your goal is to start modeling, join Latitude here


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