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8 Best Inclusive Modeling Agencies

Since its inception, the modeling industry has primarily comprised picture-perfect, pretty-looking women and men who fit what is regarded as the perfect "model look." Young models aspire to become the replica of these pictures perfect images they see on TVs, billboards, magazines, and on the cover of products. Individuals who don’t see themselves represented by the industry-standard models can’t aspire to become models. Hence there’s no adequate representation of different demographics in the modeling industry. Well, that has changed.

The modeling industry is so different then it once was. People want to see models that are the representation of themselves as this will give them a sense of belonging. Beautiful diverse males, female and non-binary, plus-size and curve models are clamoring for more representation. This will bring more realness and representation in the modeling industry. Over the past few years, more inclusive modeling agencies in big markets like New York and Los Angeles are springing up to give a fair chance to previously ignored demographics. These modeling agencies and platforms are leading the charge for inclusiveness in the modeling sector. This article highlights some of the modeling agencies changing the face of modeling.

1. Anti-Agency

Anti-Agency is an urban modeling agency that has made a name for itself as the hub for top street-cast models. The agency prides itself in its urban, pop, and hippie policies that defy the traditional modeling agencies standard. Anti-Agency models don’t have to look lean or have killer curves, or tight muscles. Their models are allowed to have fancy tattoos and multiple piercings like rock stars. For Anti-Agency, it’s about breaking the stereotype by putting personality and individuality at the forefront of their ideology. They have gone on to become one of the leading inclusive modeling agencies. Their models have headlined campaigns for top brands such as Hermes. Contact: Anti-Agency First Floor 21-22 Great Castle Street W1G 0HY

2. JAG Models

JAG Models is a modeling agency that has made notable waves in the modeling industry due to its inclusion of plus-size women. Founded by ex-Ford staff Jaclyn Sarka, Adam Hughes, and Gary Dakin, JAG Models is one of the best inclusive modeling agencies in the US with an enviable list of plus-size and curvy models who have modeled for top designers including Micheal Kors and Christian Siriano. They have also walked the New York Fashion Week runway and participated in Project Runway and Tome. Contact Jag: 154 W 14th St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10011

3. State Management

State Management is an inclusive modeling agency that puts its models’ personalities over their image. They prioritize their models’ individuality and help them to perfectly bring it into their modeling career. According to the founder of State Management Rene Gonzalez, the agency was created to give models a say in the industry. They represent top models that have modeled for top designers that including Ricardo Seco, The Blonds, Phillip Lim, Alice + Olivia, 3.1, Rosie Assoulin, and Chromat, amongst many others. Contact State: 525 7th Ave STE 904, New York, NY 10018

4. No Agency

Founded after Co-founder Vera Lesavoy was told by different agencies that she didn’t have the right hip measurement. She got together with friends Ashley Smith and Alex Tsebelis to ensure it will never happen to another model. No Agency has grown to become a top inclusive modeling agency that represents plus size and transwomen.

Their models prefer going by the term “Muse” instead of Model. This shows the uniqueness and non-traditional nature of the agency. No Agency models have participated in top modeling campaigns for top designers and brands such as Adidas. One of their models was also featured in Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Boy Problems” video. Contact to Become a Model:

5. Slay Model Management

Slay management represents transwomen who aspire to become models. They have become an inspiration to other modeling agencies that are aiming to be more inclusive. Slay Management’s intention is captured by their catchy slogan — “We’re here to slay and we’re here to stay!” The founder Cecilio Asuncion said Slay Management was created to give transwomen the opportunity to walk alongside ciswomen on fashion runways and to show that transwomen are just as beautiful. The agency is optimistic that trans models will have an opportunity to make a name for themselves and give other transwomen the courage to showcase their beauty. They have a list of trans models who have featured in several campaigns. Slay Management is an example of inclusiveness in the modeling industry and the founder believes that top modeling agencies should follow their lead.

6. We Speak Models

We Speak is a New York-based agency that is making a name for itself by providing inclusiveness in the modeling industry. The founder Briauna Mariah believes that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and they must believe that they are. We Speak represents women of different shapes, sizes, and colors which makes it a top inclusive modeling agency. They currently have over 100 models on their roster and their models have featured in campaigns for top brands and walked the New York Fashion Week runway. Contact: 276 5th Ave #704, New York, NY 10001

7. Ugly Models, London

Ugly Models launched in 1969 can be considered to be ahead of its time in inclusion. The agency places character and personality at its core and it represents individuals who are not ashamed of their beauty. Ugly models are home to people who are comfortable in their own skin making it the oldest and one of the most respected inclusive modeling agencies.

Ugly models currently represent over a thousand models and it’s one of the largest unconventional modeling agencies in the world. Their models are of different sizes, personalities, colors, and shapes, and ages (ranging from 18 to over 100 years) Contact: 54 Shepherd's Bush Grn, London W12 8QE, United Kingdom

8. Latitude Talent Studios

While not a modeling agency, Latitude is a tech platform that helps aspiring models and actors connect to public casting calls in their market. As an alternative to models of all looks and backgrounds, Latitude is a great option to anyone looking to start out and become a model. Contact: Latitude Talent 545 8th Avenue, New York NY 10018

Inclusion in modeling agencies is a conversation that has been going on for some time in the modeling industry. Underrepresented demographics are knocking on the door and trying to get an opportunity to walk the biggest runways and feature in celebrated campaigns. Clothing brands have taken note and have sign embraced hiring models of all looks and backgrounds. This new clamoring has led to the creation of both new and established modeling agencies that are giving these demographics a chance to get represented. Although it’s still early and there is more work to be done, the efforts have begun and there is now more inclusion in modeling, and the future is very promising.


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