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7 Top Rated Modeling Agencies in Georgia

Georgia, especially Atlanta, is an up and coming market for new models. Here are the 7 top rated modeling agencies for all backgrounds to get scouted with.

Atlanta Modeling Agencies

Georgia is what is called a "Second Tier" market in the entertainment industry, since many modeling shoots do not take place in the area. "First Tier" markets like New York, Los Angeles and Miami have dozens of highly ranked modeling agencies since that is where most productions take place. Over the past few years, many modeling agents have planted routes in Atlanta and have grown to host a number of legit agencies for those of all looks and backgrounds. Advertisers want diverse models and Atlanta has proven to provide them. Here are the best 7 ranked to get started with.

1. The Salt Agency

3017 Bolling Way NE Suite 241, Atlanta, GA 30305

Salt Agency is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta and focuses on scouting mainly fashion, editorial, lifestyle and commercial print models of all ages. With 8 plus years in business, this mother agency is a great start for beginner models.

2. Select Model Management

500 Bishop St NW Suite A-2, Atlanta, GA 30318

Select is a high-end model management firm working with editorial models. While their roster featured many diverse models, the height requirement for females is 5'9-6'1 inches and male models have a height requirement of 6'1-6'4 inches. Select Models has offices nationwide.

3. EI Management

50 Hurt Plaza SE #1500, Atlanta, GA 30303

Located in the Hurt Building in Atlanta, EI Management works with newer Georgia models as a mother agency. They also develop models just starting out.

4. Atlanta Models & Talent

2200 Century Pkwy NE Suite 160, Atlanta, GA 30345

Atlanta Models and Talent is a modeling agency and talent agencies with over 60+ years experience. As one of Georgia's oldest and most respected talent agencies, they work with models and actors with prior experience.

5. The Bailey School of Fashion

201 17th St NW #300, Atlanta, GA 30363

The Bailey School of Fashion is a modeling school run by former top model and reality tv mogul Cynthia Bailey. Mainly working with younger children and teens, they also host competitions to scout for talent.

6. BMG Atlanta

1770 The Exchange SE #200, Atlanta, GA 30339

Located in Cobb County GA, BMG works with established models and actors. BMG has offices in all major markets including New York and Los Angeles.

7. Latitude Talent Studios

Latitude is a platform for models and actors of all backgrounds. While not an agency, Latitude Talent is an excellent option for talent of all backgrounds to get started with.

How to Apply to Modeling Agencies

Applying to a modeling agency is easy. While many have websites that allow direct submission, having the best materials to submit makes a huge difference. Researching an agency is a must!

Are Modeling Portfolios worth it?

Yes and No. As a Georgia model starting out, spending a ton of money on modeling shoots is not worth it in the long run, since you need fresh pictures at least once per year. While photographs are always required to become a model (expect to invest in them) photography studios charging thousands are not worth it for many. Always research local photographers or work with an experienced company like Latitude Talent, who provide a platform for new models.


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