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5 Ways to Be a Model for any Brand

There are many ways to get into the modeling industry. Whether you want to work for an agency, be your own boss, or just be a part-time freelance model, you can find out how to start modeling in New York.

models for brands

1.) Find an agency with good reviews

The first step is to compile a list of reputable modeling agencies in your area. Then, send in your "book" of stats and your portfolio of pictures. Keep in mind that you should not wear makeup or excessive accessories, use natural lighting, and take a wide-angle shot of your body and a close-up shot of your face. Many models are spending tons on professional shoots which include hair, make up and all that jazz. While it makes you free pretty, modeling agencies do NOT want to see this. Natural is always better. In fact, instead of spending thousands on photographs, a simple Iphone or a friend taking your pictures is okay too.

2.) Get Support

Another important step is to find a support group or mentorship. While the modeling business can be intimidating, there are many ways to get started. The first is by connecting with other models in your area. You can find other models on message boards, social media, and online communities, and make connections with them. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and more are very helpful to network. Most modeling agencies post their client list on their website, so it's a good idea to visit their websites and look through their portfolios to see what kind of models the agency you want works with.

A modeling career is not easy. A few things need to be done to make it happen. To begin, you must have experience. You can get this experience through collaborations with other models, or through paid work by finding free casting calls online. However, be aware of the height and size requirements for many brands. While there is major shift in real people castings as well as alternative models, sizing is important in order to fit in sample size clothing provided at a model shoot.

3.) Research top agencies in New York

Once you've built your portfolio, you should focus on contacting modeling agencies. After you read reviews online, see what are the best places to contact. The top places in NYC are Ford, Wilhelmina, Elite, IGM, and Latitude Talent (a platform), but it's important to focus on nurturing emerging talent. DNA, Fenton, and STATE are among the most popular modeling agencies for early-career models. There's a lot of competition in this industry and you must work hard to stand out from the crowd.

4.) Submit your pictures

The next step is to submit your portfolio. To do so, you should follow the guidelines of each modeling agency. You should not submit Instagram-filtered images to agencies. Instead, you should follow submission guidelines very carefully. In addition to sending out your portfolio to agencies, you should also send your photos to model scouts. You can find scouts by seeing who works for the company. You can do that on Linkedin and Instagram.

5.) Look in your area

While some agencies prefer to accept walk-ins, it is best to apply for modelling jobs at agencies in your area. Some agencies may hold open calls, but most will require you to submit online. Attending open calls however will increase your chances of getting signed since you can meet someone in real life.


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