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#1 Best Tip to Be a Model in New York

If your objective is understanding on how to be a model male, or even a female model or how to get started as a model at 14 or even 17 years old, it can be really difficult to know how to start. Can I be a model quiz, is there such a thing?

You might find online that there’s quizzes and tests that determine if getting involved in the modeling industry is worth it for you. There’s really no scientific explanation on how to become a model or even what the requirements are becoming a model are. It’s just something that you’re born with, something that you feel inside, that you enjoy being in front of the camera. Not all modeling however has to do with the runway and high fashion shoots.

If you take a look around in magazines or online you can see the models come in many shapes and forms. Gone are the days when our models used to be over 6 feet tall with a really slender built. As you can see, advertising directly reflect the consumers in which they wish purchase their products. So you’ll see brands, such as Abercrombie, who used to only have casting calls for high and editorial models now are more open to more diverse talent pool. If your objective is learning on how to be a model or just starting out finding casting calls and open calls in a major markets such as New York City. Having professional help from model support team can make all the difference.

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