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Albany Modeling and Talent Agencies

As a model or actor located in New York you have the advantage of coming down to the number one destination for modeling and acting agencies, New York City. However if you are unable to travel with ease, you may be forced to find a closer modeling agent or talent agent in a smaller markets such as Albany New York. Unlike a second-tier markets such as Boston Massachusetts or Miami beach Florida, most modeling assignments, as well as casting for models and actors in Albany, typically will take place in a major market such as Manhattan.

Albany Modeling Agencies

As a model or actor located upstate, If you are unable to travel immediately, it may be best to first perfect your craft before attending open casting calls or auditions. While Albany is not known for its entertainment district, there are boutique companies that help models and actors. Some include: Albany Talent –Saratoga Office 125 High Rock Ave. Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

If you are serious about becoming a model or actor, travel should not be a major issue as it is expected that most casting calls and opportunities will take place in Manhattan. Latitude Talent Studios works with talent of all experience levels by helping to connect talent to the casting tools resources and opportunities to find success. Click here to apply now

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