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Easy way to Find Print Casting Calls for Commercial Models

Have you been told “oh you’re too short to be a model” or “you don’t have the exact requirements needed for this casting.” What that typically means, if you are not meeting the strict requirements of editorial models, is that you are a commercial print model and are suitable for casting calls of all backgrounds and varieties.

Commercial Print Model

Becoming a print model is easy however finding casting calls that match your criteria is difficult.

Print Model in NYC

A typical print casting call includes a posting date, location time and place. While there are many print casting calls featuring commercial models that can commonly be found online, many top tier casting and retail brands such as Abercrombie, American Eagle or Hollister send out a casting breakdown to modeling agencies when they are seeking a commercial print talent for submission. If you are looking to get started as a commercial model and find print casting calls, take the first step and apply here

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