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How to Land a Reputable New York Agency

Acting agents are the real force behind the entertainment industry. Rarely in the spotlight themselves, New York acting agents can make or break an actors’ career. NY Talent agents and scouts are responsible for securing auditions and castings for actors that can lead to booking roles in different TV, theater, film or print projects.

Latitude Talent Studios is a talent marketing firm that helps market talent to industry professionals and opportunities.

One of the first goals of an aspiring actor is to figure out how to get an acting agent, especially in the number one market; New York City. Once they have secured representation, an actor’s career can really begin to flourish. Actors typically research several acting agents in their market area and try their best to contact them so that they can be requested. If an actors head shot manages to catch the eye of an agency and they are requested for a meeting, it is important for the actor to show up on time, with prepared and related monologues, head shots and a resume.

While some new actors who are gaining momentum early on in their journey, such as starring in a popular off Broadway show, or an independent film that, may be sought out by acting agents who are interested in representing them. However, even actors who know exactly how to find an agent for acting sometimes still find the task very difficult. As a new talent with no experience or work history you have to ask yourself, why would an agency want to work with me?

Agents are not paid on a schedule of any kind, and they only make money when their talent books work. This fact makes agents very particular about the talent they choose to represent, and they can also drop talent if they are not booking well.

By taking advantage of Latitude Talent Studios relationships with industry contacts, new or established actors can begin to get started in the industry of their dreams.

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