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Where can I Find Modeling Opportunities?

There are so many opportunities for models, however when you are just starting out, you have to filter through the endless clutter online to find the best and most legit casting calls and projects you might match. As a beginner, finding modeling opportunities in New York can be as simple as googling "best modeling opportunities" or "free casting calls" on your cell phone.

Some websites to find casting are better than others. At Latitude Talent Studios, we have a custom platform that was built around talent to allow them to simply log on and start applying. With many casting websites, you have to fill out a lot of information and then submit nationwide to things you may not fit or travel too.

Latitude Talent is the best way for models and actors to find the opportunities that suit them. We are not an agency, we are a service created to help those of all backgrounds access the tools and resources at an extremely affordable rate (lower then even most photo studios in other markets) compared to expensive modeling schools. Read Latitude Talent Success Stories here and Become a Model.

What Makes Latitude The Best?

Most places either require new models to take classes or get over-priced photo shoots. Latitude does neither. We are a service platform to help beginners access casting opportunities they match, as well as agencies, without searching, while getting photo shoots in our studio. Latitude is simply the best way to get started.


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