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What is Mother Modeling Agency?

A mother modeling agency scouts new face talent for major modeling agencies. There are a lot of misconceptions on getting signed to a mother agency, here are the realities.

Mother modeling agencies, also referred to as a model scout, are independently owned small boutique companies that scout models and try to place them with larger agencies. With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok many aspiring models speak on topics they know nothing about, in hopes of getting views and engagement. This works. In fact less than 80% of people read more than just a headline. Here are the facts on what a mother modeling agency is and what they can do for any model.

1. Mother modeling agencies work with commercial talent False. 95% of the modeling industry is comprised of commercial print talent. Commercial print models are those that are under 5'9 as a female and under 6'1 as a male. That makes up most of the population. Why would a mother modeling agency scout for a commercial talent when there are such a vast amounts of talent available? They don't. If you are commercial talent that has never booked any type of projects or doesn't have a portfolio, a mother modeling agency may not not be interested in you.

2. Mother Modeling Agencies are Free False. This is another misconception about what it takes to become a model. Many newcomers are under the impression that getting started as a model is free. It's not and quite frankly it's insulting to think that it would be. Why would a mother modeling agency invest their time and money into someone that has no viable talent? They don't. If you want to become a model or actor you have to invest in a portfolio as well as subscribing to a variety of casting sites. If you're not willing to invest in yourself don't expect an agent or another agent to invest in you.

This is not to say that you should go out and spend thousands on photography shoots. Checking out a local photographer or companies like Latitude Talent are an excellent source to begin with.

3. Modeling Agencies are the only Option

False. They are many options for models starting out. You can attend modeling schools like model boot camps or platforms that connect models to castings, like Latitude Talent Studios. At Latitude, since we are a platform, we are focused on educating models and actors on the industry. Keep an eye out for recent blog posts on various topics. Have a question you want answered? Send us an email or apply online here.


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