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3 Top Rated Modeling Agencies in New York

To become a model, New York has some of the best modeling agencies to get started with. As a new comer, it can be overwhelming to find a modeling agency that is not only highly rated, but also works with your particular look and style. While there are literally dozens of top modeling agencies in NYC, only a few are among the highly rated for those just starting out as a beginner. To find a modeling agency, it is first important to see what type of model you are and then find an agency that works with your look. Whether you're a fitness model or commercial model, every talent management company has their particular niche. We ranked 3 top modeling agencies for their diversity factor, are you a fit?

What type of model are you?

Most people think of modeling in terms of jobs. Some models only aspire to do runway work because they are tall, while others want to do print modeling because they are short. Starting out, a model does not have the ability to choose the types of projects they want (only if you are a freelance model) they do have the chance to choose which modeling agency to apply to. Many of the most reputable legacy modeling agencies, including Ford Models and IMG Models are highly rated, but may shy from newcomers since they prefer seasoned, reliable models for their big name brand clients. Plus size models need to seek modeling agencies with a curve division, which works with lifestyle models over size 8 in women.

Many newer modeling agencies are embracing diversity on their roster, which is allowing those that would have never had a chance to model in the past, an opportunity to find success.

We Speak Model Management

We Speak is a model agency that represents health-conscious models. We Speak emphasizes progressive body ideals and their clients are forward-minded brands that aim to resonate with their target market. We Speak represents models of all sizes, however, it is not just an exclusive plus-size, or curve agency. We Speak doesn’t consider models over a certain size to be “plus-size.” Healthy lifestyles come in all shapes and sizes. We Speak is an example of an innovative company that is embracing change and has thus landed a spot as a highly rated modeling agency in New York City.

Red Model Management

Established in 2006, Red Model Management is a top agency based in the heart of New York City working with male and female models. For over a decade, Red has positioned itself as an innovator in the entertainment industry. With an impressive talent roster, Red Models has made its mark in the high fashion, streetwear, film and commercial markets. Red was one of the first management companies to open their roster to unique looks in the mid 2000's, making it one of the best in NYC.

Fusion Models

Fusion Models, once based in New York City but has since crossed over to Brooklyn NY, is a highly impressive model management agency. Fusion has a high-end board of men and women for work in all areas of the fashion industry. As a boutique modeling agency, they provide the management of new models starting.

When you are starting to apply to modeling agencies, you may not hear back right away. This is common, as many established agencies tend to seek only those with a specific look. Many models start out building up their portfolio with local photographs, or applying to free casting calls.

Latitude Talent Studios

If you are a new model or actor looking to get started, there are so many options, including working with a talent marketing company. Latitude Talent Studios works with beginner models and actors by connecting talent with the tools and resources to get started. Become a model by visiting


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