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Top 4 Modeling Agencies in Ohio

If you live in Ohio and are trying to find a modeling agency, here are the 4 best agencies to start with.

Are you an Ohio resident looking to find the best modeling agencies? While not known for the entertainment field, over the past 10 years many modeling agencies have opened up in Ohio. Here are the 4 best modeling agencies and services to start out with if you are a new model or actor.

  1. Pro Model and Talent Agency 3421 Ridgewood Rd. Akron, OH 44333

  2. Heyman Model and Talent Agencies 700 West Pete Rose Way Suite 434 Cincinnati, OH 45203

  3. Docherty Model & Talent Agency 2044 Euclid Ave Suite 500 Cleveland, OH 44115

  4. CAM Talent - 1350 West 5th Ave Suite 25 Columbus, OH 43212

Ohio has a diverse group of modeling agencies working with talent of a variety of looks and backgrounds. Many agencies offer training which isn't always required or needed for models. Instead, a new model should focus on casting calls and building up their resume that way. Columbus and Cleveland Ohio are the best cities for models starting out if you are unable to travel to other major markets.

Ready to Become a Model?

If your objective is to become a model, you have a few options. You can start with the modeling agencies above or work with a casting platforms like Latitude Talent Studios which is highly rates for models an actors starting.


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