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Top 3 Modeling Agencies in Chicago

When it comes to modeling, many think of New York or Los Angeles as the place to start. Not anymore, Chicago Illinois is a wonderful place to become a model. Here are the 3 best places.

Chicago is a sister city to major entertainment hubs like New York, Los Angeles and Miami however it is the third best market to become a model. As a leader in scouting diverse talent, many agencies has placed their flag in Chicago and opened up modeling agencies. While Chicago is known for their boutique model management agencies, only a select few can take the rein of being the best. Here's some of the best companies that stand out.

1. BMG Model and Talent - 2255 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

BMG Models celebrates inclusivity, diversity and empowerment with exceptional personal-management. Based in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta & New York, they work with models and actors of all backgrounds and ages. Whether you are 5'4 or 6'4, BMG welcomes talent of all looks. This makes it one of the best placed to start if you are newer model.

2. Select Model Management - 400 N Michigan Ave #700, Chicago, IL 60611

Select Models doesn't need much of an introduction, they are a fully established place for models to take their career to the next level. They are one of the first modeling agencies to exclusively develop a board for non-binary models. Select celebrates diversity. Select is a hard place to get signed with and likes to work with editorial models over 5'9 (female) and 6'1 for males.

3. Latitude Talent Studios - Online Casting Platform

While Latitude isn't a modeling agency, they are one of the best places to start out as a model or actor. If you are unable to travel to Florida or New York to attend their studios, you can submit directly online to learn more about the company.

So is Chicago a good place for models?

Yes. If you are just starting out, Chicago is one of the best places to start out as a model. In fact, it is the 3rd best place to become a model? Want to get started? Click here to learn more.


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