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Modeling in 2019: What to Expect?

The modeling industry has been around for many decades and up until recently, it was once thought it was only reserved for the very thin, stereo-typical supermodel that you once saw walking on the runway. In 2019, aspiring models, as well as industry professionals will see many ongoing changes that we’ve seen for the past few years in the way that auditions take place, the type of talent they are scouting and seeking for auditions, as well as how to get scouted by a talent agency. Recently updated with new model advice. The digital world has changed the face of models, literally. Many brands, including the world-famous Balmain, has turned to computer animated models for some of their campaigns. Sounds crazy right? Not from a business sense. A model that is signed with a major agency can garnish hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of commissioned pay for a brand, so companies looking to scale back as the decline of retail has effected the whole industry, cutting cost and using CGI models as the new faces could be the new norm. Will they stay longer than 2019 and into 2020 and beyond, who knows.... One thing for sure is that they won't age a bit!

Balmain CGI Models for 2019

For models looking to attend open casting calls in 2019, especially in major markets such as New York, they can expect to see the decline of public open casting calls, as well as times posted publicly. This is largely in fact due to digital scouting which many modeling agencies and scouts have implemented. They can see hundreds of models and actors within minutes rather than having meet talent face-to-face in a large, drawn-out process. What does that mean for a new model trying to get discovered? Whether you are an aspiring model, or a new face actor that’s looking to get discovered, you have to use the digital world to your advantage. Professional photography as well as your own identity management is a very important when trying to get discovered or signed by an agency. It is equally as important to land casting calls with professional materials prior to seeing a major agency. Getting auditions is impressive to a client of course. Latitude Talent Studios is a talent marketing company that helps connect models and actors with the tools, resources, exposure and castings for success. If you have the desire to get started and become a model, take the first step and apply here.


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