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4 Latitude Talent Reviews and Success Stories

Are you looking to become a model but unsure where to start? Here are 4 Reviews from Latitude Talent members.

Starting out a model is hard. You can either apply to agencies you find online, attend a local modeling school, or hire a photographer. Modeling agencies are competitive since there are hundreds of people applying to them everyday. Also, many agencies like models with previous experience. Modeling schools are fine however they can be experience, time consuming and most offer little more than training. While photographers and portfolios are equally fine, they too are expensive and leave the model with a bunch of photographs and most models are unsure what to do with them.

That's why Latitude Talent Studios was started. To help people of all backgrounds gain a footing into their market. By providing an effective, affordable platform of public casting notices, as well as professional photography, Latitude is simply the best way to get started. Here are 4 reviews about Latitude Talent from actual talent members.

“I would definitely recommend Latitude. I have gotten a lot of responses that I did not originally think I would. I recently worked with shootnow11:11 for a Jewelry collaboration. I have gotten responses from L’Oreal, DNA Footwear, Fashion Week, Music videos. There are so many options that allow all kinds of people to succeed!” - Elena B.
"Everyone is super nice and welcoming, I felt comfortable the whole time. They really do seek potential in aspiring models and they demonstrate honesty in the most respectful way possible. Thank you for seeking potential in me." Chloe R.
"Thank you so much for your support and help, as a result of that, I have been offered a contract with System Agency. I’m speechless on how fast things are moving !" New York Member Safiya H. was requested by CRAWFORD MODELS, D1 Models, Muse Agency and System Agency
“I wanted to reach out to you, to thank you for everything. I was able to find myself this past summer, all because of you guys. You really helped me build my portfolio, with modeling and acting. I really appreciate it! I want to thank you for all the projects, you helped me get into with my comp card. I enjoyed every single project i did from you guys. I’m still continuing to apply everyday on your website, and hopefully get into more projects as well. I enjoyed my photoshoot with you guys. I love my pictures so much! I hope to continue more with you!” - Zoie P.

Are you ready?

If you are looking to get started as a model or actor, Latitude Talent is the best platform to get started with. You can learn more by listening to our podcast on Apple and Spotify. Learn more and become a model here.


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