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How to Start Modeling - 2021 Guide for Models

Want to get started in modeling? How do new models get started in the industry? That is a question many beginner models have and surprisingly, the answer has changed significantly for 2021 and beyond. Due to the power of social media like Instagram and TikTok, models can get access to castings calls, modeling agencies and even scouts all with the click of one button. This guide breaks down 2 ways models can super charge their careers.

How to Get Started in Modeling?

Tip 1: Find a Modeling Agency

Tip 2: Get Help from a Professional

Where do you find a modeling agency?

Getting started as a model doesn't have to be hard. Back in the day, models only had one option and that was to get randomly scouted by a model scout in the street or in the mall. With most agencies now 100% digital, submitting your pictures to an agency is very easy. In fact, in a major market like New York, there are plenty of major modeling agencies in a short distance from each other. What any new model has to focus on is finding the agency that specializes in their particular look and background. Once you do that, you can submit your photographs and wait to hear back.

How do you get help?

Getting started as a model alone isn't recommended. Promoting yourself on social media and finding a legit agency or scout can hard. Who do you know who you can trust? What are the best markets for your background? Where are the best modeling agencies? These are questions that models often ask when they are first beginning. There are services like Latitude Talent Studios that offer real life advice and access to casting opportunities that were at one time only available to those with an agency.


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