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How to Get Signed to a Talent Agency

There are important factors you must consider if your desire is to get signed to a modeling agency. Here are some simple tips to get you started in the right direction.

• Do Your Research

Before choosing a modeling agency, you should conduct research on their work, list of talents, and their policies. You can read online reviews and look up their websites and social media to see what type of models they prefer and if they are a good fit for your career. Avoid any agency that will not meet with you in person or on Zoom. This will help you avoid any issues in the long run.

• Location

You need to consider the distance between where you live and the location of the agency. Modeling agencies tend to prefer that their models are within driving distance so they can easily be available and ready to take up opportunities.

Relocation can be expensive and daunting except you’re financially equipped and ready to take on the challenges. So, it might be better that you choose an agent in your state. If traveling is a problem, online Model Boot Camps can help you learn how to become a model.

• Prepare Yourself

Before entering for an open call or submitting for an opportunity, you should be prepared for the test. You should understand the requirements and ensure that you meet them. You should also have both your physical and digital portfolio ready in case it’s requested.

• Don’t Spend More Than You Need To

You don’t need to break the bank or go above and beyond because you want to enter for an audition. In fact, you should never pay to attend a casting call. Investing as a model is expected, anyone that tells you that you should pay to become a model is very wrong. The best modeling agencies don’t make difficult demands of aspiring models, they do want some good pictures if they choose to market you. What’s generally requested is an unedited portrait or a test shoot. Always get a professional photographer for this. The portrait should be makeup free and not overly edited. There’s no need for you to carry out an expensive and elaborate photoshoot and wardrobe change at one time. Services like Latitude Talent provide a great platform to get started with complimentary photographer after your enrollment.

• Be Yourself

This might sound cliché but it isn’t. There’s no need for you to try to become a copycat of a famous model or act fake because you want to impress a modeling agent. On the contrary, agencies are not impressed by these acts.

You should keep it simple and real. Scouts, agents, and directors have spent years interviewing aspiring models. So the best way to be different and unique is to be yourself.

• Follow Up

There are thousands of aspiring models, hence modeling agencies often get hundreds of submissions. It’s not unusual for these submissions to be forgotten in the inbox or get abandoned in an office. If after you auditioned or submit your picture for scouting you don’t hear, it’s okay that you reach out to the agency again. By requesting feedback, you will not only be getting a professional evaluation of your entry, but you will also be showing the agency that you care about improving yourself and you’re open to constructive criticism. Tip: Don't always expect feedback. Many agents are busy so it's important to remember no answer is an answer. Take it as a part of the industry and move onto the next opportunity.

• Commitment

If you want to get signed to an agency, you must display a top level of commitment and consistency in achieving your goal. Model scouts like to see passion, commitment, and the desire to learn in aspiring models and these are qualities you should possess. While looking for agencies, look on website that can offer free casting calls, this can help see what's out in the market place.

You have to remember that becoming a successful model goes beyond having talent and good looks. Success is determined by a good personality, determination, focus, and commitment. You must understand that the modeling industry can be very difficult. You might get several rejections on the way but you can’t let that weigh you down.


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