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How to Find New York Fashion Week Castings

Looking for NYFW Casting Calls? Here are 3 places to find gigs for New York Fashion Week.

Are you looking for New York Fashion Week castings? Previously, the gatekeepers of the industry were modeling agencies. Now things have changed with the way casting directors and brands scout for models.

What is New York Fashion Week?

There are 2 weeks of the year NY Fashion Week takes place: February and September. This is a time where designers showcase their line of products for the upcoming season. People around the world travel to NYC during this exciting time. There are along other states that host fashion week however New York is the most notable and popular.

How to Find NYFW Casting Calls?

1. Model Agencies

Agencies have the most contacts in the industry and they typically send "packages" to casting agencies for fashion week shows. If you are trying to find a modeling agency, you need to search for companies near you. Many times, people start too big and apply to the most famous ones they find online. This is fine, if you are the 1% of people they select. Start small and local and work your way up. If you are brand new and unsure where to look, try online modeling schools to learn about the business.

2. Casting Call Websites

There are many casting websites online, some better than others. is a website that hosts popular free casting calls that can be found online. There are many events on websites like Meetup and EventBrite. Social media websites like Instagram and Facebook can often times have castings listed but they are hard to vet so approach with caution.

3. Latitude Talent Studios

Latitude is a platform for models and actors. While they are not an agency, you could source NYFW casting calls from their database and submit directly to the project if they are available. You can learn more and become a model here.

Are you ready to model?

There are so many ways to get started as a model. Start by taking some home digitals and submitting out to agents. If you are having trouble, don't give up. Education is key so use media sites like Youtube and TikTok to find advice on how to become a model. With these tips, you can be ready to start your journey.


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