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How To Become A Model For Uniqlo

Uniqlo is synonymous with simplicity, quality, and affordability. If you have a flair for fashion, getting the chance to become a model Uniqlo can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity. Here are 5 steps to get started.

1. Understand the Uniqlo's Aesthetic Before diving into the casting process, you need to first understand the Uniqlo aesthetic. This brand is known for its clean lines, neutral colors, and versatile styles that cater to a wide range of customers. Browse their website, social media accounts and advertisements to gain a solid understanding of their fashion philosophy. Does they match with your persona and look? If so, continue to the next steps.

2. Get Some Clear Digitals Well-curated pictures is your passport to the modeling world, and for a Uniqlo casting call, that no exception. Showcase your versatility by including the brand's clothing in your shots. Include face-front, full-body shots, and images that demonstrate your ability to embody different styles and attitudes. Clear and simple with no make up is best.

You can hire or work with local photographs however spending a fortune on photographs is not recommended or required to become a model. Always fully research photographs you work with to ensure their vision if what you are seeking.

3. Maintain a Professional Social Media Presence Uniqlo, like many other clothing brands today, pays attention to models' social media online presence, especially on Instagram. Clean up your social media profiles and ensure that your online content aligns with Uniqlo's brand. Engage with fashion-related content (like you in their clothes) use relevant hashtags, and create a consistent aesthetic across your platforms.

Use hashtags like #Uniqlo or #Modeling on your photographs to stand out. Also tag @uniqlousa on your photographs for a chance to be seen by their marketing departments.

4. Partner with a Modeling Agencies Collaborating with a legit modeling agency can significantly increase your chances of catching Uniqlo's attention. Agencies have established connections and can submit your portfolio directly to the brand or casting breakdown.

Here is an example of a recent Uniqlo Casting Call in New York for Kids:

"CASTING CALL FOR UNIQLO KIDS SS20 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT KIDS THAT FIT THE SIZE REQUIREMENTS CASTING WILL BE HELD IN NYC ON WEDNESDAY SEPT 18TH BY REQUEST ONLY! KIDS All Ethnicities 50 INCHES TO 54 INCHES TODDLERS87-All Ethnicities 34 INCHES TO 35.5 INCHES NEWBORNS IN 6-10 MONTHS / HEIGHT 65-75CM OR 25.5”-29.5” (SAMPLE SIZE 70CM) APPROXIMATELY 27.5 inches Baby should be able to sit or crawl on their own but not walk!!!!! We are currently casting only for Caucasian or Asian Babies."

5. Stay Persistent and Positive The journey to becoming a model not just for Uniqlo, but any brand comes with many challenges and rejections. It is not an overnight thing and there is no magic pill! However, maintaining a positive attitude and persevering through setbacks is crucial. Use feedback you receive along the way as an opportunity for growth.

Ready to Get Started?

Becoming a model for Uniqlo is an exciting endeavor that requires dedication, preparation, and an understanding of the brand's aesthetic and values. Remember, authenticity, confidence, and a genuine passion for fashion are key elements that Uniqlo values in their models. So, embrace your uniqueness and embark on your journey towards becoming a face of this iconic fashion brand.


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