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Getting Started with Latitude: The Best Place for Models and Actors

If you're looking to become a model or actor, Latitude Talent Studios is a great start for any beginner. As a talent marketing platform we specialize in helping beginners develop the materials they need for exceptional marketing, as well as providing a simple to use platform to access public casting opportunities. Since our inception, Latitude helps beginners access online projects, as well as have the opportunity to connect to a variety of modeling agencies. Models that have joined Latitude have been connected to modeling agencies including MAJOR Models, Crawford Models, MMG Models, Surface models and Dynasty Models International just to name a few. Whether your goal is to find with public projects such as student films or nationwide castings Latitude can help all. Read more Latitude Talent Reviews and Success Stories here. More frequent updates on success can be viewed here.

What makes Latitude different is that we are not an agency. We do not collect a commission or lock any type of talent into exclusive contracts, which allows you access to work with a multitude of companies, as well as pursue this journey full-time or part-time. We also don't charge for training or photographs here, that is included in your enrollment. We also provide free updates for active talent every 6 months in you change your look or style. Fresh is best when it comes to pictures.

If you're looking to become a model or actor with Latitude Talent, the first step is applying online, we do not scout talent on Instagram or in person so only follow the Official Latitude Talent Studios Instagram page. You may then be invited to come in for an evaluation consultation, which at that time, is a chance to meet with you and learn about your goals, objectives and why you think Latitude could be a fit for you. You will also learn about Latitude and how casting notices work. If you are provided the chance to enroll, you may receive a call back time or at the same day have the option to sign with the company. Enrollment is extremely affordable, in fact we are the cheapest in New York, with many payment plans available for all. Enrollment includes access to a monthly subscription based portal which generates your digital composite card, access to video webinars, discounts on hotels and both public, nation-wide casting notices. The Latitude database also has contacts to over 300 agencies worldwide. You also get support if you need assistance. Communication is key so we ask that you communicate with us.

Latitude Talent can help streamline access to casting notices however we are very realistic with our members. You have to remember, in the modeling industry as well as the acting industry, it is ultimately up to a client to choose who they want to work with. That's why having only the best marketing presented to a casting client can make all the difference. It is very important for any perspective talent to research a company prior to even applying let alone coming in. Many times we see that models and actors come in and that they don't even do their basic due diligence such as researching a company and learning exactly what they can provide to them. If you're looking for a modeling agency that will work off of the commission, Latitude is not for you. If you are a beginner that's looking to get started and wants to test the waters to see if you even have a chance at modeling or acting, Latitude Talent Studios is an exceptional platform to start with.


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