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3 Places to Find Netflix Casting Calls

With so much content, Netflix is always seeking actors for roles. Here is how to find Netflix casting calls.

If you are like many, you have a subcription to Netflix. Since this streaming giant has so many viewers, it is always looking to update their roster of projects like Reality, Movies, TV and more. Here are 3 places to find Netflix casting calls.

1. Independent Films

Since Netflix does not make all the movies you see on the screen, they buy already created content from smaller producers, or older films and TV shows. Many times, smaller independent films end up on their screen. This was never the case before streaming, as only big-budget films make the cut. If you are in a smaller local market, working on independent films can get you far. While they don't pay as must to start, they can in the long run. Look for student films or upcoming producers seeking actors.

2. Casting Call Websites

There are many casting call websites online. Some better than others. Often times if you search online for Netflix casting calls, look for roles that have specifications such as : "Female/Male Actor: 18-24 Location in Atlanta Seeking Role for Upcoming Film" There are many free casting call websites to try as well. Here is a a recent casting call for Netflix online:

Tammy Smith Casting- Feature Film “STORMWIND” (working title)- (Netflix Films)

Casting for 1 woman pedestrian and possibly 1 male police officer Men a to work in very small night scenes, that take place at a Rest Stop

FEMALE- Age 20 to 65, Asian, Hispanic or ambiguous ethnicity MALE- Age 30 to 50 , average police uniform sizes, clean shaven, short hair. Work Location: ATLANTA, GA



If you are looking for casting calls, Latitude talent is a digital platform and is a great source for public roles. Apply here now.

3. Casting Director Outreach

If you are in a small market, look to see if any films were made in your area. If so, research who the production is and then email them directly. It doesn't hurt to get your face out there and see what happens!

For more tips, follow #Latitude



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