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How to Find Modeling Opportunities in New York

One of the great things living around New York is that it is the hub for all things in the entertainment business. Dozens upon dozens of top modeling agencies are located in New York where becoming a model is a lot easier than trying your hand in a smaller market. One of the difficult parts about living in New York however is that finding modeling opportunities that match your experience level is a lot more difficult than one would think. It can be overwhelming trying to find the best opportunities to get started. Which modeling agencies are hosting open calls? Which agency is best for my alternative look? These are many questions beginner models have when starting out.

One of the most important things about becoming a model in New York is finding the opportunities to get started. There are many outlets for new models looking to get their foot in the door. One of them is locating casting calls focusing on talent that don't have much experience.

Network within your Community

Networking is a very important part of becoming a model. There are many websites that allow models and actors to connect with each other and discuss the difficulties and success of a career in the entertainment business. Many models moving to New York find that working in a flexible job environment allows them to meet friends. The restaurant industry is known to have many aspiring models and actors that work there.

Models starting out make the mistake of thinking that in order to become successful you have to apply only to a modeling agency. After months of applying many give up, not because they don't have the drive, but because they are discouraged from not hearing back. You see, modeling agencies typically like to work with a model that has experience. It not only shows that they are bookable, it shows that they are reliable. Whenever someone works freelance, it's easy to not take it as serious as a full-time job.

Modeling agencies and model managers typically do not manage talent that want to pursue only part time. Like anything, if you want to become successful you have to put in the work. To find the opportunities to get started as a model, you should focus on looking at platforms and job sites by searching modeling open calls.

What is an open call for models?

An open call is a meeting that's available to the public to walk in and be seen by a modeling agent or scout. While it was very common to host open calls in the past, most modeling agency no longer open the doors to the public. Instead, they require any new model to submit on their website. Many services allow talent to access Modeling agent contacts.

What sites are best?

There are many casting call websites, however a model needs to make sure they research the company prior to submitting your information. Not all casting sites are the same. A great site for new models to find free casting calls as well as public casting notices is Build Casting.

There are other platforms such as Actors Access which is more advanced and typically reserved for experienced actors or models.

Not in New York? Here's What To Do

Not all models have to live around New York in order to become successful. There are many smaller markets such as Boston, or Miami Modeling Companies and Pennsylvania Modeling Agencies that are sister cities to New York and has many opportunities for commercial talent. If you are located outside of a major metropolitan area, it is best to seek out modeling opportunities in your states largest city.

Get Professional Guidance

If you are serious about starting a career as a model, getting help her training may be your best bet. There are many modeling schools that can help train talent in development and provide mentor ship. Model Boot Camps and Model Webinars are an affordable solution for those that want to test the waters.

Platforms and online services such as Latitude Talent Studios is an excellent resource for those looking to become a model or actor. They are not an agency and do not get you jobs, however the subscription model connects talent with the tools and opportunities to start out. If you are seeking out opportunities for modeling agencies in New York, apply here to start.


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