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Can I become a Model? The Truth Agencies Don't Tell Beginners

Wondering if you have what it takes to become a model? Well this is the surprising truth most modeling agencies will not tell beginner talent.

Thinking about becoming a model is something so many people want to do however many do not become successful since there are so many hurdles to overcome when you are starting out as a beginner. What many modeling agencies will not tell you is that most beginners starting out are their own worst enemy. Why? Well because their lack of knowledge on how the industry works affect them from becoming successful.

See, many models starting out approach an agency with a mentality that the agent will make them a star if they see potential. Well, that is the case of 1 out of 1000 however for the majority of models starting out, especially commercial/print looks, have to fully invest in their craft before an agent will even spend their time with them.

In fact, many modeling agencies in New York will not even meet a new model without a portfolio. Now that is not to say starting a portfolio has to cost you thousands, in fact, Latitude Talent Studios provides free shoots to their talent, however you have to get the best materials you can.

To learn more about modelings, keep your eye for updated blog posts and apply here.


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