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How to Break into Male Modeling

Become a Male Model
Male Modeling is Increasingly Popular

The modeling industry in now open to everyone and there has been a seemingly increase in demand for male models. Wondering how to get started as a male model? Here are some tips and advice to follow when just starting out.

The first step in how to become a male model is to build a model portfolio from a reputable studio. ALWAYS research anyone you deal with. Remember, don't spend too much on photographs. Anyone charging too much isn't worth it, so shop around. While you do not need to have any modeling experience to get started, it is recommended to have a physical portfolio to showcase your looks. This portfolio can either be a physical collection of photos or it can be an online one such as a comp card. A successful male model must have a relatable look and more importantly, a good personality. The key to becoming a male model is hard work and dedication.

An example of a high fashion model is Riiver Viiperi. Editorial male models (high fashion/runway) are typically tall, thin and in good shape. You must be able to fit into a size 38-40 jacket, for example as an editorial model. A male model needs to be physically in shape and attentive to direction. You must be able to direction too. The male modeling industry is a competitive one, and it's not going to be easy to get into on your first try. But if you work hard, you may be soon be on your way to a successful and fun journey. Working with platforms such as Latitude Talent Studios is an excellent way to get started. They are not an agency and do not get you any type work. They do however start you with a platform that connects talent to over 380+ agencies worldwide, along with public casting call matches.

Commercial models potentially make up over 80% of the industry. As a commercial male model, you can be any shape, size or age.

While it might seem like a glamorous career, models always don't a lot of money, if any, when they are first starting out. If you are not in a major area, like New York or Florida, you may have to move to a city if you get signed to an agent. There are some big agencies in New York that work with males, VNY Models is one of them. RED Models is also an agency that scouts for talent in Manhattan.

If you're looking for a male modeling agency, be patient and persistent. Expect to go to on test shoots and apply to auditions, mostly online. And of course, you have to be pleasant to everyone you meet! So, start promoting yourself and your work online on Instagram. You'll be surprised at how quickly the process will progress.

The next step in how to become a fashion male model is to get casting calls. Often too, male models need to wear make-up to appear healthy on set - so be open to it as well. If you are just getting photographs, keep make up natural and simple.

Start Male Modeling

Once you have found a great male modeling agency in your area (with some research) you'll be ready to submit your first few submissions on their website. While this may sound daunting, it will be a great help in preparing for your first few auditions. Online Model Boot Camps can help prepare you on the path to start out.

Once you've got your foot in the door, you'll need to start looking for casting calls online. You can search for these positions on your own online, or use a casting platform like Latitude Talent to connect you with the tools to start out.


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