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How to Become a Social Media Influencer: 3 Easy Steps

Did you know a social media influencer has the same status as a fashion model in today’s environment?

When most people think of modeling, the first thing they think of is magazines, runway and print advertising. While that’s a major advertising outlet for companies which obviously feature models, becoming an Instagram influencer or social media celebrity can afford you the same opportunities as a model.

Becoming an influencer however, is just as difficult as becoming a model. Here are 3 easy steps to become a social media influencer: 1.) Build your personal brand

In order to become an influencer, it is very important to build your personal brand. If you have a certain focus, desire and passion, let’s say fashion, it is important to build your Instagram or Facebook profile and post around this topic. Whatever your favorite stores are, or favorite outfits, feature them in your social media posts and be sure to tag the retail brands. This is a great way to get the attention of new and potential followers, as well as the brand themselves. 2.) Get followers This is probably one of the most difficult things to do when building a personal brand, is to actually get followers that care about you and what you represent. Be sure to research and use a lot of hashtags in your Instagram post to get the attention of a potential audience. Be sure to post content often to keep your audience engaged. 3.) Get exposure

You need more than just cool Instagram posts and hashtags to Become an influencer. Getting the proper exposure and real guidance makes all the difference when becoming a social media influencer. An excellent way to get started is to use a talent marketing service like Latitude Talent Studios which helps new and established models, actors and influencers get the tools, exposure and knowledge when getting started. We're not an agency and don't find jobs, we help get you started in a streamlined, professional environment.

Working with Latitude Talent Studios is the best way to get started and get exposure as a model, actor or social media influencer. Apply now at


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