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How to become a Model for New York Fashion Week

Dreaming of walking as a model in New York Fashion Week? Surprisingly, you are not alone. Thousands of aspiring and established models in their respected local markets each year come to New York City in search of becoming the next big star. Unfortunately for them, the odds are stacked against them.

Latitude Talent Studios Model and Actor

New York City is home to many top modeling agencies including Ford Models, DNA Models, Next Models and dozens more. With so many aspiring models, top agencies have to be very selective in their choice in which they represent. NYFW a shorten term for New York Fashion Week, holds a press filled runway show, frequently sponsored by Mercedes Benz, to showcase season styles by top fashion designers including Gucci, Burberry and many more twice per year in NYC.

Many models walking in the shows are placed from top modeling agencies. What most new models coming in New York City do not know, is that during Fashion Week, there are many other shows from smaller designers who are seeking models, but cannot afford the rates top modeling agencies charge for their models.

This leaves the door open for many new models started to actually be able to walk in New York City Fashion Week. To become a model in NYFW, you need industry connections. While the internet is a great source to find local projects, Latitude Talent Studios has helped many talent land auditions for New York Fashion Week,

If you are looking to take the next step in your search, Latitude Talent Studios can help connect you with the tools and resources to get discovered as a platform.

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