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Become a Model in 2023: Guide

Modeling in 2024 is a bit different than the past years. Here's how to start and become a model.

People of all shapes and sizes have a chance to start in the modeling industry. Here's what has changed for 2024.

When many think of modeling, the stereotypical look comes to mind. Tall, thin and perfect. While there are many super models that still have that look, models in 2023 now come in all shapes and sizes. Modeling agencies are taking notes, so becoming a model is now easier than ever. What hasn't changed in 2023 is that the industry is very competitive, so starting out is still challenging for some.

The Digital Model Agency

With technology now at the forefront of advertising, the constant consumption of content requires models to match the demographic of the buyer audience. Some model agencies are finding it easier to create digital people or models rather than hire them. While we don't see people being replaced as models right now, in 2024 and beyond you never know!

Real People Models

Since models now come in all shapes and sizes, casting agents are now frequently casting real people models for their projects. Back in to 2020 and prior, models were hired to portray a character such as a nurse. Now, a casting agent would request a real nurse to model for a project. This has led to a number of commercial models breaking into the industry.

Diverse Models and Trans Models

Self identity is becoming prevalent in advertising. This has now led to models that were held back from entering an industry that has such strict standards. Trans-models, non-binary models, and diverse models of all looks, shapes sizes and backgrounds are finding a entry point into the modeling industry which is great.

Model Training Online

While attending an online modeling school is not required, having tools in your tool belt such as education can only help an aspiring model, especially if you do not live in a big city like New York. It is now more frequent for modeling schools to be online now. Workshops or webinars are great projects to add to résumé and can provide insight to a model, especially someone that is brand new.

Freelance Modeling

Getting signed to a modeling agency is a dream for many, however it is not a requirement to become a model. There are many ways to freelance as a model on the side. Finding free casting calls online, networking or getting the help of a professional platform, not an agency, such as a Latitude Talent Studios can make a huge difference if you find it difficult to start out.


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