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Attend a Model Open Call

One of the first steps in becoming a model is to attend an open call for representation. Finding casting calls and management for models in New York used to be a much easier task that it has turned out to be in the 21st-century.

Modeling in New York

For agents, scouting models has become easier than ever Back when modeling was one of the hottest industries to get into somewhere in the 1970s and 80s it was a little bit more difficult to scout the next fresh face model. In person scouting, common In larger markets such as Manhattan, was one of the best ways to get a large amount of talent to fill for a project.

With the prevailing’s of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram it is just as easy for a talent scout to search based on a model’s social engagement as it would be to contact a casting agent to find new face models. To stand out as a model, you must have the best tools and marketing that a model can find. Of course any model can do it on their own and spend thousands of dollars on professional materials, with talent marketing services such as Latitude talent Studios we can help streamline the process of getting started to become a model.

Become a Model

A model agencies focus is strictly bookings; not helping a model get started. Unlike an agency, Latitude Talent provides both new and established talent with the marketing tools, including head shots, comp cards and a digital profile to get started. Applying to become a model here


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