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Are modeling classes worth it?

Are you an aspiring model looking to launch your career? Maybe an established talent looking to brush up on your runway skills? Most talent wonder, are modeling classes worth it? Does the cost make sense? We have a few tips to help you decide.

Modeling as a career can be very lucrative. Major campaigns for luxury brands such as Burberry or Gucci could possibility yield a male model or female model plenty of cash, hence why so many think modeling is a smart choice.

Did you know, it is thought that less than five percent of models are actually signed to a modeling agency? With that being said, there are also plenty of modeling jobs that don’t pay as much, if at all.

Becoming a model is hard work, especially in a major market like New York City where there are plenty of modeling agencies, with very few aspiring talent actually signed with them.

Ford Models: Worldwide offices represent women, men, and children for editorials and parts assignments and include plus size divisions.

RE:Quest Models: New York City based modeling agency that manages women and men for editorial and advertising campaigns.

Elite Models: Editorial and commercial modeling and talent agency features women from global offices and represents male models in New York City only.

DNA Models - Modeling agency in New York City, established in 1996. Highly rated by

Modeling classes can be very expensive so you have to ask yourself, is this something you are really passionate about? If it is, then it may be something to consider. Be sure to check out the modeling school to make sure it is a fit for your goals. Remember, nothing is guaranteed in the entertainment business, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

There are plenty of other ways to get a head start without having to spend thousands of dollars. The best way is to get great head shots and find open calls and just go to them! While you may be unprepared and not know anything at first, it is the best way to learn and network with real models!

Finding casting calls and developing marketing is time consuming. Who can you trust? What are the best agencies for your look and market?

Latitude Talent Studios is an excellent starting point for talent of all experience levels to get started in the entertainment industry.

Learn more and apply now at


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